Quick Hit: This Bra Though…….

WTF?!? There are many problems with this ad even if this bra never becomes an actuality. I just have a few questions for this ad.

1. I truly love myself so does that mean that I can unhook the bra?

2. If number 1 doesn’t work, how am I suppose to take off this bra when I don’t know WANT TO TAKE A SHOWER?

3. Do I really need a bra to protect me from bad men, don’t I have good enough judgement of who I should and should not sleep with?

4. What if I don’t need to be in love with someone to have sex with them, where does that fit into this scheme?

5. What about lesbians, does it detect “bad women for women” as well?

6. But really how am I suppose to take a shower?

7. Don’t you think this relates a lot to the purity myth? Maintain pure until your bra finds the right match.

8. ┬áIsn’t it just nifty that men created this fancy device? Just what I need, a man to tell me who I should be sexual with.

9. Why do people always think that clothing can protect us? This sounds a lot like those panties made for rape prevention. WHY?

10. Lastly, aren’t we all just a little bit afraid if our heart rate goes way up not in a sexual setting that the bra will unhook? I love food and my heart is always racing for that, I don’t want to be at golden corral eating my mash potatoes and have to deal with this unpredictable bra.

I believe the real solution here is to just laugh at this add, because we all know this this bra is impractical and honestly our bra if for supporting our body not our decisions in our sexual endeavors.

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