We Have a Long Way to Go

The Representation Project released a video Tuesday titled “How the Media Failed Women in 2013,” Which I hope you will all take the time to watch and heavily enjoy.

The Representation project works to promote women in media while attempting to remove the negativity often attributed to women for no actual reason other than them being female as opposed to male. The othering of women in media has always been a problem, but it truly hurts when you sit there watching a short film describing all the crap thrown at women in a single year. Checking women for normal emotions, for their appearance, even for having and expressing valid opinions. It sickens me. As The Representation Project’s website states on the home page “You can’t be what you can’t see.”

Young girls are blasted each and everyday with incorrect views of their bodies and emotions and positive views of women are absent. It takes a lot of energy to not be sickened by the commercials and ads that hit me on a daily basis. Even the DC Metro threw a new fun version of sexism our way recently.


2013 is coming to an end, and feminism is still applicable to what society needs. This semester has not only been enlightening for my views, but also how I speak and act as well. Being better exposed to internet resources and social media has allowed for me to take charge of my gender and sexuality and feel much more comfortable expressing it. But what’s missing? Is it just the media that has failed women this year, or have women failed?

I still have women in my classes laugh whenever I mention that I am a feminist. I hear the word “bitch” on a daily basis in my classes. We talk about the virgin-whore dichotomy and how it ruins women, but then judge female characters in stories for being sexually liberated. When will all this stop? I wanted the opportunity to write down the issues and blanket them with how we could change them. Except, half the time I was not clear how to change something, I just knew it was wrong. This is the true crisis of women right now. We have the ability to change what we see, speak up, and demand that someone listen, however, often our voices are ignore or unheard. This semester I became even more aware of what white privilege meant through the voices of our other bloggers and I wish to better encompass this blog as a mode of diversity and awareness. I want more answers to the hard questions about feminism, but I also want to know when I could be more aware, when I am missing the big picture but also the minuscule details of everyday.

I am excited to write more, learn more, and create more for the eyes of others. I want everyone to be aware of how media affects you, but also how you let it. I want you all to speak out when something seems off, and try your hardest to get your voice heard, even if it seems like all forces are against you. Do not be afraid of the repercussions. That one I know is the hardest, and I worry about it each and everyday. But just because 2013 did not seem perfectly progressive, does not mean strides were not made in awareness. 2014 will be the year of the woman, she will receive  new strength in the passing of time, and we will strike down the laws harming our bodies, and the laws harming people of our race, our sexuality, and our class. We will speak up when others are marginalized, but we will also remember that we cannot speak solely for them. Good luck to you all, and have a fantastic moment of relaxation, 2014 is almost here.

One thought on “We Have a Long Way to Go

  1. I love that you chose this video. It’s such a perfect response to those who think that our society has moved beyond sexism, and who think that we don’t need feminism anymore. This montage of pop culture examples that prove otherwise are quite relevant and really drive the point home that the need for feminism is as prevalent as ever. Great post!


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