Oxford Dictionaries has proclaimed the word of the year to be “selfies”. Selfies, or photos taken of the self usually on a cellphone for those who live under a rock, have taken over social media and are especially prevalent among women. Feminist blogs have been buzzing this week over whether selfies are empowering for women or rather a cry for help. Illinois Wesleyan University student and feminist freelance blogger Addison Peacock takes a virtual sit down with me to discuss the issue in Shout Out!’s first video blog of the year.


How do you feel about selfies? Which side of the issue are you on? Let us know in the comments below or create a response video on YouTube to the video above!

5 thoughts on “#FeministSelfie

  1. I love the points you brought up in this. I’ve never understood why people look at selfies SO negatively. As if teenage girls don’t have enough criticism coming at them from every direction.


    1. Thanks Lo! Yeah I agree and think that selfie negativity is going to add to the overwhelming criticism teenage girls already feel. Social media is a minefield for young girls to fall into self esteem crushing traps, and these negative opinions are only going to add ammunition to tearing down young girls when that is the last thing we should be doing.


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