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Check out our bloggers’ picks of the week!

El Feministo enjoyed listening to this HuffPost Live battle on feminism and masculinity. Wait until the end to hear law professor Mary Anne Franks lay it into Vice co-founder and leading “alpha male” Gavin McInnes. One of Feministo’s favorite takeaways came from psychology professor Michael Aldis: “See how ‘masculinity’ works? People define it in a particular way and then threaten those who don’t conform.”

hearmeroar12 was astounded this week by a link that she found when looking for some good books to read. Malala tells Jon Stewart how she feels about pacifism, and why she believes in education – especially for young women and children. hearmeroar 12 wants to pick up her book, “I Am Malala”, which was just released this month. She has amazing insight for someone who is only 16 years old.

ImagineHerstory is always amazed how people twist words to make a “better” headline.  Poor Nigella Lawson who was actually trying to promote feminism has been twisted so it looks like she was speaking out against it.

Houseofadoll wants to draw our attention to this story.  In the eyes of this author, fashion designs can do whatever they want.  Advertisements, however, cannot. They can’t disrespect the subject or that in turn, disrespects the audience. Using sexual images in advertising is objectification and shouldn’t sell.

Lfleetwood says, “Meryl Steep is said to be one of the actors wanted for a female version of The Expendables they are currently calling “The Expendabelles“…talk about using word qualifiers to make women seem less badass!”

Bestlittlelion found this article, which takes Halloween costumes to a whole other level—an offensive one at that. Read more about recent costume poking fun at Anorexia.

After reading El Feministo’s post this week about cultural awareness, Ladylikesailormouth wished Julianne Hough had read it before going to her Halloween party. It is instances like this where we need to acknowledge racial representations like this are inappropriate and racist.  Also related, Ladychaotica21 found this awesome campaign from students at the University of Ohio:  “We’re a culture, not a costume”, which further highlights the problem of ethnic and racial stereotypes becoming “trendy” costume ideas.

Redheadfemme wants to share this blurb with us:  Here’s a link that I found this past week which ties in with my past two posts on Maryville and the epidemic of rape culture in America. US News & World Report discusses how “rape culture” is based off of false/ misleading statistics and questionable testimonies from victims. Articles like these only further the problem of “victim blaming” in our culture.

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