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hearmeroar12 says to check out this interesting ad for the United Nations Women Campaign. These Google searches really shed some light on why we STILL need feminism. The fight for equality is not over, by any means. Women from all walks of life need feminism, because there are still people google searching some ridiculously patriarchal bullshit. 

Redheadfemme saw this article on Buzzfeed about the UN’s campaign to highlight how gender equality is a worldwide problem. It’s a very effective approach to displaying how gender inequality happens everywhere .

NPR is raving about a different kind of superhero! Bestlittlelion92 wants you to read more about Feminist Hulk. 

Houseofadoll found this article fascinating.  Whether intentional or on purpose (no one will ever probably know), Miley Cyrus, in her Get It Right song, uses the object form of laying instead of the person form of lying. It’s interesting to see how grammar can sometimes unknowingly contribute to the objectification of a person.

Lfleetwood and Ladylikesailormouth were disgusted by the new dating app, Carrot. The app allows for men to look through lists of women and then bribe them though means of gifts or activities. Because commodifying women’s bodies for movie tickets is cool now? It also perpetuates the issue of sexual assumption after dates as men may assume they have the rights to do more physically on a date just because they paid for things.

ImaginerHerstory and Ladychaotica21 found the campaign that UN Women are conducting to be really powerful, and reminds us as to why we still need feminism.  Type into Google “women shouldn’t…” and see what it fills the blanks with! 

ElFeministo shook his head at this collection of “masculine” ads. Branding and sales: it’s not for everyone.

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