Links Round Up

Redheadfemme found two articles this week that she found to be pretty thought provoking!

“I immediately clicked on this link because it involved Miley Cyrus and I think she is such a fascinating topic with everything she has been putting out. What interested me most about this particular article was that it provided feedback from the African American community on their thoughts of Miley’s new material. I’ve heard a lot of murmurs of discontent saying that she is mocking/approbating/ exploiting her African American dancers as accessories to be considered “cool and hip”. So it was interesting to see the other side of the argument!  Also, this article was equally sad and insightful. While sexual assault truly is mainly a problem only females have to deal with, men can and are still being made victims as well. This article really shed light on the fact that both men and women can be victims of the same horrible act of degradation.

This year’s Dealbook Conference, held by The New York Times is a really important business conference held annually. The problem? There was only one woman speaker out of 18 speakers for the entire conference. This problem only magnifies the glass ceiling many women are held under when they are not even offered a role model at a supremely important conference!  Follow this link from lfleetwood to learn more.

hearmeroar12 says to check out this article this weekend…it will give you a good laugh, but it will also bring up some questions. Why does our society focus so much on being thin? Thankfully, not all men and women who are looking for partners are this ridiculous – this delusional man-child should be ashamed of himself.

Houseofadoll wants to draw our attention to an article that shows how scared people are to label themselves feminists all over the world.  Feminism shouldn’t be a taboo; rather, it’s a term of empowerment and equality!

Bestlittlelion has three links to share with is this week:

First up: female empowerment, on bikes! Sounds a little bizarre, but actually quite a cool concept. Follow this link to learn more about Black Women Bike D.C.!  Secondly, two women from the Ukrainian feminist group protested sexism in the fashion industry. Twist is they ran down the catwalk topless with phrases written on their body. Did they go too far? Follow up with this link to find out more!  Lastly, beyond WWE, hear a woman’s story of how she had the challenge of being a female and a wrestler. Some of the sexual restrictions are just plain ridiculous!

Ladylikesailormouth found a Jezebel article featuring a satirical video from a female Indian comedy group shedding light on victim blaming. Rape culture in India is so heavily reliant on victim blaming, and with a woman being raped every 20 minutes in India, it is important to talk about this issue. She loved that the video was done by other Indian woman, showing solidarity and support for their voices to speak out against violence.

ImagineHerstory is in love with Joseph Gordon Levitt even more for his frank and open honesty about the media 

ElFeministo enjoyed this article penned by a dad who’s learned an alternative to lecturing children that’s more lasting and beneficial is teaching through storytelling. Whether the author realized it or not, he touches on the influence of our language particularly in light of frustration or disappointment, which Feministo believes needs to be brought up more in today’s society.

Ladychaotica21 is thrilled that a Native American woman has been nominated to federal court, but is still peeved that this is such a rarity.  Such a slow progression is only a half-celebration—what do you think?

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