She Can’t Be Tamed

Hi there readers!

I am redheadfemme and new to both the blogging and feminist world. I am so excited to participate in ShoutOut this year and to further familiarize myself with both the feminist and blogging world. My interest in feminism took root in high school but began to grow only after I had arrived at JMU. Unfortunately being a self-conscious and confused teenager made high school a difficult time to identify myself as a feminist. Surrounded by my immature and media-crazed peers, it was nearly impossible to speak out against any sexism I had witnessed during my four years of educational hell. Similar to ladylikesailormouth’s post, the negative connotation of the word “feminism” in my high school dissuaded me from completely associating myself with the term. While I am new to the feminist world and its’ principles, I do know that I am passionate about the history of women and the social issues concerning feminism today. Therefore this semester, I will be writing on topics on issues such as body image, sexism, and eating disorders.

easy on that mayo
easy on that mayo


But to start off my new blog I would like to discuss the current hype surrounding Miley Cyrus.  Being a newcomer to the principles of feminism, I find myself undecided on which stance to take on Miley’s recent stunt at MTV’s VMA’s. Her provocative VMA performance rocked the world and imprinted itself onto everyone’s mind, especially mine. Social media erupted with people giving their opinion on her shocking dance moves with Robin Thicke. To add more fuel to the flame, she released her new racy video “ Wrecking Ball” shortly after, which features the young pop star riding a wrecking ball stark naked. She truly cannot be tamed y’all. I watched the VMA’s with my roommates and I must admit that I was initially shocked and uncomfortable with her dance performance. The sight of her scantily clad body gyrating around made me feel somewhat uncomfortable, especially when her dance moves progressed onto Robin Thicke’s lap. Therefore I can see why many people were strongly opposed to Miley’s behavior in these performances. Her provocative dancing with a much older and married man seemed incredibly inappropriate since she is only 20. Her scandalous outfit consisting of nothing but a nude bra and underwear,  was just too inappropriate and racy for many Americans.  Looking at various social media feeds; the general opinion of her behavior was that it was a desperate attempt to shed her good girl image.

Miley just destroying Billy Ray's achey-breaky heart!
Miley just destroying Billy Ray’s achey-breaky heart!

The other stance  supports Miley’s  freedom to use and dress her body whichever way she very damn well pleases. Once I got over my initial shock from her performances, I realized that Miley SHOULD be allowed to not only dance however she wishes to, but to also wear as much or as little clothing as she desires. I also found it strange and upsetting that most people were directing their disgust just on Miley. When looking on twitter, I noticed that a huge number of people accused Miley of being a “homewrecker” and “slut” for grinding on a married man. No one said anything about Robin Thicke’s complicit behavior in that moment or that maybe HE shouldn’t have been dancing up on miley’s ass. This goes along perfectly with the patriarchy’s persisting idea that men cannot help themselves, therefore, women should know better than to tempt them. I can’t help but wonder that maybe it is true that Miley “can’t be tamed”, but then why the hell should she be?!

5 thoughts on “She Can’t Be Tamed

  1. Oh, Miley. I have so many things to say about Miley. I think your post is a good segue into all things Miley:) I am interested in the blatant disgust surrounding her video (which yes, she is naked in)…but I don’t remember similar disgust when Blurred Lines video came out. I kinda think that people don’t know what to do with a woman who’s the subject of her music and also objectifies herself through her music…just my two cents though:)


  2. Maybe I am a bit behind with America’s belief about Wrecking Ball, but it took months for anyone to form a pretty solid opinion about Blurred Lines so I am sure everyone is still attempting to decide how Miley’s videos should make them feel? I would love to hear how you feel about her performances/videos later on in the semester when you have solidified more of your views on the subject!


  3. Great post! So glad to have you with us this semester! I agree it’s difficult to decide on how to feel in regards to Miley and her new video. On the one hand you have to applaud her for taking charge of her own body and sexuality, but on the other hand you have to be a bit discouraged because she is just playing into the patriarchal objectivity of women. She might be getting individual gain for her actions, but in the end it’s really a harm to all women. You bring up a great point that no one made any comment about Robin Thicke or Blurred Lines it just goes to show that women are not allowed to vary from the expectations of society, but “men are just being men”


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