Feminist Roots: Eszenyme

Hello Readers!

As I sat down to do this post last week, I couldn’t think of what to write about. (I know this is a super catchy intro that will be sure to have you hooked, but keep calm and hear me out.)

I kept struggling over whether I would sound like a broken record if I wrote this post about me.  I mean, once you tell people why you’re a feminist, is that it?  Are you suddenly old fem news?  After the cat’s out of the proverbial bag and I’ve exposed my “dirty secret” of feminism, what else is there to say about feminism and I?  I feel like we’re at the point where we’re finishing each other’s sentences and there’s nothing that I can say about feminism that isn’t already said.  But, and for those of you who know me I am sure this is going to come as a reeeeeaaaal shock, I’m going to speak anyways.

When My Friends Talk About Couples

Why? It’s because of feminism that I even have the right to say these things, regardless of whether or not we’ve said them a million times.  It’s because of feminism that it’s ok for me to say I don’t want to be a stay at home mom, I want to go to law school (preferably Virginia) and be a (stellar) attorney.  And it’s because of feminism that when I was fired from a job for being “too young and good-looking” to be an executive assistant, I was able to pull myself up by my roots and decide that I will create a better situation for myself so that I will never go through that again (and if I do, the person on the other end better have some real connections upstairs because I will not just “let it go”).

With all these reasons (and more) floating around in my head last week, I realized I have much more to say about fem and I.  But before I get all couple-y on you and start rattling away about our fun weekends together, etc., I want to stress the importance of  reevaluation of our feminist selves.  Every relationship evolves over time, including the one we have with feminism.  Whether you find this task nostalgic or nauseating, I think it must be done.  It’s easy to say what attracted you to feminism, but after she swept you off your feet, how important has feminism remained to you?


For me, feminism has become so intricately entangled in me that every one of my leaves can be traced directly back to her.  Who do you say, “Eh, today I feel more Miranda instead of Carrie,” to, and not have them look at you like you’ve (finally) lost your mind, if not for feminism?  Fem is always there for me.  Even when others aren’t.  Even when she plays hide and seek and then I find just the teensiest glimmer of her in the newest Nicki Minaj song.  So, even though I sat there twiddling my not-so-green thumbs for an hour like a blithering idiot trying to figure out how to unearth any roots I haven’t already discussed here, I realized that I shouldn’t feel like that.  It’s always ok (and sometimes necessary) to look at where you’ve come from with feminism (even if it means repeating yourself a little in the process).  Through a critical examination of your past together, the only place you can grow is up!

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