One Nation, of Unfair Nipple

Once upon a time in a far far away society, there was a ruling that allowed men the right to be topless in public; but not women. That was in 1936. This ruling came about because a grassroots movement of men who began protesting the law and subsequently getting arrested in the process. So let […]

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The Ugly Truth

When we are younger one of the first things that we learn as a child is to “keep your hands to yourself”, why is it that now we are older those rules don’t apply to our genitalia? The Oscar nominated movie, “The Hunting Ground” was played yesterday for JMU students at Grafton. The movie itself […]

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Feminist Name-Calling

I’ve always been a feminist. Even before I called myself one, I always agreed with most feminist ideals. However, as is the case for many feminists, it took me a while to identify with the term because of the massive stigma around the word. As I explored in my first ShoutOut blog post (awww!), people […]

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Feminist Roots: Know Your Own

I don’t remember when I became a feminist. Is that weird? I feel like it should be. I talk to other people about when they became aware of feminism or when they realized that they were one, and everybody seems to have this exact, precise moment in which their entire perception of the world was […]

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Feminist Roots: Eszenyme

Hello Readers! As I sat down to do this post last week, I couldn’t think of what to write about. (I know this is a super catchy intro that will be sure to have you hooked, but keep calm and hear me out.) I kept struggling over whether I would sound like a broken record […]

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