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Sunday Links Roundup

Yet again, we have another roundup of what we have been reading this week for your consideration and enjoyment.

Aliasmitch found this article about the history of Queer Cinema particularly interesting because: “It not only gives you a pretty amazing rundown of must-see Queer films and why, it also shows the need for members of the LGBTQIQ community to know our cinematic legacy and that only we can make sure that it continues to persevere through our collective remembrance.”

Eszenyme thought that “This link is an interesting follow up to a previous blog post on sexism in video games. Recently, there has been a debate on whether or not gamers can “control” sexist language over the voice chats.  On this post, you can see varying gamers’ opinions on the issue.”

Femonfire found this post interesting because it was “a post on a conservative, religious blog that addresses women’s desire to look good and not receive unwanted attention, and how the two are not in conflict. It was refreshing to read something from a conservative perspective that told women they were not at fault for the actions of others.

Internationalcupcakebandit thinks that “this article puts the reproductive rights issues in perspective and shows geographically where rights are given and not given to women in the United States. It’s sad that between 2000 and 2011, rights have decreased substantially. Isn’t the future supposed to be progressive?”

Katie O. read a very comprehensive look at a new UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination report detailing serious racial discrimination in Israel. It’s a great post for those who want to better understand the fundamental issues in the Israel/Palestine conflict and better understand Israel and it’s policies.

Parklena found “This article on how Wisconsin passed a bill which will limit abortion coverage as well as imposing an abstinence-only sex education in schools.”

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