Wednesday Link Round Up

Image via feministing (recommended by internationalcupcakebandit).

Hey everyone! For readers at JMU, we hope your week before spring break is not too busy or overwhelming. If you have time, you should check out the great stuff ShoutOut! bloggers have been reading this week:

Aliasmitch found “an article that I find refreshingly necessary. It reflects on how marriage rights have eclipsed gay rights as a collective movement and seeks to bring to our attention how left-leaning politicians have also participated in limiting and denying equal rights to the LGBTQIQ community and that it is certainly not conducive to Queer rights to boil it down to only a matter of marriage equality or that conservatives have been the only ones to impede the move for true equality for LGBTQIQ people.”

Eszenyme is linking us to the blog of the girl she discussed in Sunday’s round up: “It has different posts on makeup and style, as well as art and television.  Like I said earlier, she also includes posts about Miss Representation and feminism in pop culture.  I think the most interesting thing about this blog is watching her progression. She started posting in 2008.  Not only is it interesting to see her change in language use over time, but it’s also cool to look at when she was exposed to certain feminist ideologies and how she subsequently grew as a writer/feminist.”

Femistorian read this article from Colorlines which explores the GOP candidates’ strategy to win over the South via race-baiting and old school gender norms — a must read for any of our political junky readers.

FemOnFire discovered an article “that questions the role that men should and do play in feminist discourse, and what appropriate guidelines for behavior should be under the label of ‘feminism.'”

internationalcupcakebandit watched this video “about a really important message. Men and women’s bodies are different and so are their symptoms for heart attacks, more women are dying from unknown heart attacks. Symptoms are generally not the “typical” male symptoms we all recognize. Everyone should watch this and help heighten health awareness.”

Katie O. raged about the Virginia senate passing a watered-down version of the mandatory ultrasound law. Although it does not include transvaginal ultrasounds, mandating transabdominal ultrasounds is still completely unnecessary, an invasion of privacy, and a gross example of politicians playing doctor with the bodies of people that have uteruses.

Kaycorbs444 stumbled onto “this blog was timely in conflict surrounding awards shows. The author makes valid points when she reviews African American artists/talent being rewarded for reinforcing negative stereotypes of her culture. Women, in particular have been marginalized to an extreme level for roles that depict women of color in scenarios such as prositution, violence, drug/sex trafficking, and hired help that ultimately gives in to the misogyny feminism is trying so hard to fight.”

Parklena uncovered geekfeminism,” a really cute blog site about the geekier side of a few feminists.”

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