The Republicans are hijacking my life

God, every morning at 8 I receive email alerts saying Republican this, anti-feminist that.  Please stop Republicans- this can no longer be the start of my day.

First, you have Sarah Palin, then you have your tea party movement, and recently, you have the fiscal year budget crisis- where you still could not let go of your anguish over your 2008 loss.  Just like you did during the Clinton administration when you actually had our government shutdown because of your temper tantrum.  In stead do something for your nation, instead of what you’re doing now- blaming the feminists and increasing our deficit for your damn Middle Eastern and Central Asia wars.

I am always trying to promote bipartisanship, compromise, an accommodation of differences.  I used to be a moderate until I came to Washington, DC and saw how the Republicans did business.  Republicans stab at Obama for being too partisan, for being too liberal, for being too black, for being too non-American.  You dismiss feminism when feminists are doing nothing other than standing up for our rights.

Emily Buck you would have no vote or voice for that matter, if it weren’t for feminism.  Show some respect to yourself by broadening your knowledge of United States women’s history.  Turn off your TV and open a newspaper.  How can you say liberals are intolerant- when they are the ones for coexistence, women’s rights, queer rights, lower-income health, and tax breaks for the middle class?  Or, are we just too tolerant for those most in need?  The ones you obviously could careless for, but some how trick to have them believe you are on their side.  And, I must give you credit for your manipulation, you do it like no other. Sorry honey, I am not going to vote for a representative who will give tax breaks to the rich before the middle class.  Who will put women’s health second to an oil-driven war with little humanitarian efforts insight.

By the way, feminism is not bashing other women, feminism is bashing opinions against women.  Sometimes women are just as capable of these opinions as men, as you have proven.

And back the fuck off my girl, Kate O’Connell.  Though you have no first hand experience with her, she is the most gracious, intelligent, and open-minded feminist you will ever meet.  When you attack a feminist, you attack all feminists.  Don’t think the tea and Republican party has a monopoly over the U.S.

College Republicans of JMU, stop, just stop.  You obviously have no grasp of the real business and political world. Come and see me in Washington, DC, I will show you what a young, poor, undergraduate’s life is like with no money in your pockets and barely any food in the fridge.

And for those women of the College Republicans, god if you only knew what it is like for women in the work field, what a woman’s life is like when the glass ceiling and wage gap stand in her way.  If you did, you would question your ideologies of the world at hand, outside the college bubble.

Go ahead College Republicans, use our words and voices against us today and tomorrow.  You’re doing no one good by blackmail or slander.

Am I stooping to your level Ms. Buck and College Republicans?  Probably.  But when your department head hands you your diploma on graduation day, don’t say I didn’t warn you what the world outside looks like.

In jumping on this bandwagon of unnecessary feuds when you have individuals dying because of tsunami and earthquake in Japan and wars in Libya, Tunisia, and Egypt- let’s have a little perspective.

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