Mythbustin’ Mondays: Girls Poop!

When I was a mere novice blogger, I stumbled across this video and immediately thought that it was a great idea for a blog:

However… that was back when this blog and I were still in our early dating phase.  I was nervous.  I wanted to make a good first impression.  And, most of all, I didn’t want to be known as the girl who blogged about poop.

Now we are coming to the end of our time together.  Now this blog has covered topics from masturbation to female genital mutilation… and I think it’s time we talk about it!

Everyone poops.  There are children’s books about it.  So why is it that, in our adult lives, women are especially, expressly forbidden to talk about poop?  Why is a natural function of the human body considered SO “unladylike”?  Because poop can be stinky?  Well, why can’t women be a little stinky?  We’re human!  Why deny our body’s biological functions if the man sitting right next to us doesn’t have to?

Now, it must be said that, in polite company, BOTH men and women are usually discouraged from talking about poop.  But consider the cases of casual conversations between friends or in the media.  It seems as though every men’s locker room/dormitory or hallway conversation can be peppered with poop, and it doesn’t reflect badly on their character!  As the video says, even products marketed to help women poop will not admit that they ARE INDEED on the market for the sole purpose of helping women poop!

Poop, poop…POOP.  It’s liberating to be able to discuss it.  Bowel movements do not make you any less of a human being.  We as a society should judge a woman by the content of her character and not by her feces… that’s what Martin Luther King Jr. said, right?  Not quite?  Well, whatever.  My point is that a little poop talk never hurt anyone!

While procrastinating homework one day, I also stumbled across a similar article about women and the marketing of vaginal cleansing products on feministing.

We should not be ashamed of our bodies.  We should not be ashamed of their functions.  So: Poop free, smelly women!!  That is what feminism is all about.

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