ShoutOut! Comment Policy Refresher Course

Hello everyone!

Given that we have plenty of new commentors and readers (welcome, by the way!), I wanted to post a quick refresher of our comment policy, which is located permanently under the “Laws of Discourse” link located at the top of the page:

Everyone has something to say, and that’s exactly what a blog is for! What THIS blog isn’t for, though, is comments that are intentionally inflammatory, sexistracisthomophobicclassistablist or otherwise uncool. Such comments will be deleted at our merciless discretion without any remorse. Please be civil in all commenting on the blog, and make it as safe a place for conversation as possible.

If your comment falls into any of these categories they simply won’t be posted so that we can maintain the integrity of the blog. Thanks for reading and commenting, and if you are going to comment please keep these rules in mind. Personal attacks on bloggers will also not be posted or tolerated.

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