Privilege: Education Edition

Hakeem is ‘Gifted and Talented.’ He is part of an accelerated science discovery program that he sometimes misses class for because of the projects that he gets to work on through funding from the government. None of his teachers give him any consequences for missing multiple days of class due to this special exception. “Oh, Hakeem? […]

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Spring Break Hiatus!

Hello lovely readers! As of Sunday, your regular bloggers are on spring break, so this blog will be on hiatus for the week! Bloggers may post at their discretion if they’re in the mood to blog, but there won’t be any regularly scheduled posts. We’ll be up and running again starting on Monday, March 12. […]

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Blogging with Feminists 101

   Welcome to the first semester of ShoutOut! JMU, this is a continuation of a previous blog but with an entirely new focus.  The focus of this blog was previously for the sake of informing students about women’s studies classes and events, however as you will see later on in my introduction we’re taking it […]

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