The New Feminist Wave… of Pornography

Erika Lust is an adult cinema director and writer out of Barcelona, Spain. She entered the film industry to kick misogynistic, hyper-masculine, heteronormative ass, and she’s doing just that. What are she, her films, and her brand known for? Representation of body types, races, genders, and other demographics Sex for female pleasure, from the female […]

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Let’s talk about bad sex.

*TRIGGER WARNING* There was an article I read by Robert Jensen called “Tired of Hot Sex?” Now, sex is such a complicated thing, and I’ve learned that there is so much you can say regarding it, sociologically speaking. However, Jensen pointed out a critical truth in his paper that really struck me. He writes, “Men […]

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Feminist Porn

In a recent interview via Cosmopolitan magazine, I learned a thing or two about what is considered “feminist porn” and where to find it. I was just as surprised as I came across the Cosmo spoof, as the magazine has never been one to flashbulb in my mind as inherently “feminist” whatsoever. Granted, it is […]

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Quick Hit: PETA Strikes Again

On Sunday, The Telegraph confirmed that PETA—the animal rights campaign infamous for the exploitation of women in its advertising—is gearing up to launch a pornography site. Yep, that’s right, that’s no typo—PORN. It appears that PETA’s newest strategy to attract a fresh crowd of supporters is enticing browsers of the triple-X domain in order to […]

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