Let’s Get Political

The presidential election is coming upon us quicker than we think. The top candidates have not been narrowed down, and it is getting close (and terrifying with Trump getting so much support). But if you are like me, and you care about certain issues, then you’re probably wondering which candidates are the most (or the […]

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I am 1 in 3

I want to talk about my abortion. I want to be open. I want to be honest. Abortion cannot be simplified into regret or no regret. Those words glide along the surface of what we choose to say after the fact. We fall into those categories, and then we become statistics. Our names and our […]

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Empowering. The. Period.

Ladies, we know about the friend that arrives every 28 days.  This little friend that seems to defy the human body by bleeding for a week and we stay alive.  We hate this friend, but we have to welcome it, I mean it’s biology.  This friend is our period. Recently, there seems to have been […]

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Post-Thanksgiving Angst: A Response to “5 Reasons To Date A Girl With An Eating Disorder”

Thanksgiving break is over, and similar to hearmeroar12, I have spent the past week stuffing my face with the glorious and mouth-watering dishes of my family’s cooking. I too have never felt so freaking FAT, however, I’m trying this new thing called Not Giving A Shit About What Society Thinks Of My Weight. I am […]

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Equality- Not So Evenly Dispersed

It is easy to say on the surface that women have made great strides in female empowerment progress. We have women breaking into higher levels of government, corporate America, and science fields. However, with all of this progress, it is important to note what still needs to be done. Women still aren’t making as much […]

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