Life Is Paw-Some When You Have A Dog

This post was edited on March 22 2023 by Purplepisces13 Many people in college struggle with mental health issues, over 60% of students are struggling with problems like depression and anxiety. One of the reasons this is so prevalent among college students is because they are in a new environment learning to balance their classes […]

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Depression sucks

Screaming. I am screaming. But I don’t think anyone can hear me, even though my shrieks have made my vocal chords bleed. I am so tired of not being heard. I am so tired of bleeding. I can’t seem to shake this feeling though, of being silenced, by whom I’m not sure, but some oppressive […]

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my journey with Birth control

Disclaimer: This is just my personal experience with birth control. As if being a teenage girl does not suck enough, those are the years we are oh so blessed with what is called the menstrual cycle.  On top of being extremely embarrassed by my hormonal acne like every other teenage girl without porcelain skin, I […]

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Spring Cleaning My Mind

I just transferred to JMU this semester from Blue Ridge Community College. Last semester I was constantly anxious about getting into JMU, making good grades, and (ironically enough) not getting too anxious. I had to put in a lot of effort to raise my GPA to get into JMU. I didn’t do well my freshman […]

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Confessions of a Bad Feminist

Bad feminist, a book by Roxane Gay, is a collection of essays that explains real first accounts of people having bad feminist moments. So…I know what you are thinking, how can someone possibly write a post on a feminist blog about being a bad feminist. In truth, it is so easy. Instead of just sitting […]

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