Let’s Have a Conversation About Intimacy

In a society where people meet their significant others on dating apps, “Hook-Up Culture”  is prevalent amongst college-aged individuals, and the phrase “Let’s keep things casual” defines many relationships. Although I am a firm believer in people expressing their sexualities freely, I do think we need to acknowledge that not all people experience intimacy in […]

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TERF Turf Wars

Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists are one of the worst kinds of people out there. You’re not a feminist, so you’ve been canceled. Blocked. Deleted. …wait hold on SJS, what’s a TERF?   What’s a TERF? Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists. These are “feminists” who consistently choose to leave trans folks OUT of the conversation. Why? Because, well […]

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Is Charlie Brown Racist?

Why is it when racism is brought up non-people of color find ways to suggest racism does not exist, granted it might not be in America’s favorite childhood show, but it does exist and the narrative needs to be changed when it is brought up. 

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