Go ShoutOut, It’s Your Birthday!

Well, here we are! Another semester, another year of bada$$ people coming together to smash the thing we know as patriarchy. Also, it’s our 10th Anniversary!!!! Happy Birthday to Shoutout! This year we have some AMAZING bloggers coming your way. They come from many different backgrounds, experiences, and in general, they are just some awesome […]

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Thank You for a Great Semester!

Thank you to all of our readers this semester! We definitely had a wonderful group of bloggers who touched on a wide variety of topics and wrote about them through a feminist lens. From virginity to transphobia to male feminism to injustices in healthcare, our bloggers reached new heights with the wide range of topics […]

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To-DO List

To all the “should and shouldn’t haves” I’ve received and all the things I wish I had said… “You should have covered up more” “You shouldn’t get turned on by my knee caps and shoulder blades”   “You shouldn’t have drank so much” “You shouldn’t want to fuck an unconscious body”   “You should have […]

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