Harrisonburg High School students hold walkout in response to Gov. Younkin’s policies

  • Students at Harrisonburg High School held a walkout on Tuesday afternoon in response to Governor Glenn Younkin’s model policies on transgender and non-binary students in public schools. 
  • More than 100 people, students and the like showed up to make their voices heard.  Eleanor Tjaden, supervisor of the Harrisonburg High School walkout claimed the walkout has been in the planning phase since the release of Gov. Younkin’s policy.
  • Gov. Younkin’s policy would remove and replace 2021’s model policies on the treatment of trans and non-binary youth in schools, otherwise understood as taking away policy that protects trans and nonbinary students from bullying, harassment, and discrimination in learning environments.

Repercussions of the policy concern students of Harrisonburg High School, stating that this action could create a potentially dangerous environment for school youth rooted in transphobia, seeking to harm trans and nonbinary youth. Teachers and school staff may forcibly “out” students to parents against the students will or desire in certain circumstances. Creation of bathroom and sports policies that prohibit access, participation in activities consistent with their gender identity.

More than 70,000 comments were made on the public comment forum on this matter, both in opposition and favor of the governor’s policies.

It is felt that the message seems to be projecting across well, and apart from the walkout held, no other walkout has been planned for the future at the moment. 


Rejecting Acts of Feminism and Performative

A New York Times article written by Michelle Goldberg, American journalist and author, bemoans the lack of explosive feminist mobilization after the draft opinion overturning Roe vs. Wade was leaked. There is discussion circulating that the fantasy of feminism is largely at fault of white feminists. 

In the wake of news that Roe had been overturned, many are enraged because nothing had previously infringed upon their freedoms. However, women of color have long faced a different reality, where overturning Roe is only another blow. It is at this time that many activist have critique this notion of feminism dying. 

The evolving of feminism in which performative white feminism is rejected become has been acknowledged. 

Intersectional feminism does not mean including poor women, women of color, and queer people in organizations working towards a white feminist agenda. It means fundamentally changing the agenda to put their issues and leadership at the forefront. It requires White women to financially support, volunteer for, and/or work at the issues that they have considered secondary to their feminist agenda. True coalition politics requires structuring advocacy in ways to ensure the most vulnerable members win.


Fighting Sexual Harassment in France 

Released by France24 discussing the fight women in France have been facing with sexual harassment and the definition of it. The article highlighting on the past of France and the presence of sexual harassment in present in public places, at work, and now online. France having to redefine the term sexual harassment almost every decade in result to many women finding themselves in a legal vacuum when trying to speak up about a sexual harassment. The definition now including others behaviors and comments considered to be sexual harassment. 

Online Harassment is the most recent concern for the women in France. Many of them report the unwanted harassment on certain online platforms, receiving unwanted images, comments, and requests from strangers. With France calculating around 3,700 reports of harassment in 2020-2021. With sexual harassment not yet defined or recognized by many of these online platforms; France protestors demand a change. 

 The definition of Sexual Harassment is continuously changing. France has redefined the term numerous times since 1992 when the definition became defined as something criminal. The term will continue to change, and continue to best support and defend the people who have been harassed.

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