What happens in vegas…. stays in vegas or maybe you do too.

I do too?…. two words: Human trafficking.

You never think about it until it’s happening to you. In the United States, human trafficking is a serious issue. Young adults at a high risk of finding themselves in this life-threatening situation. Having some of the highest instances in Nevada, young adults going on vacation to Las Vegas could face some danger if they aren’t cautiously walking the streets. Nevada is the only state where prostitution is legal resulting in a higher amount of sex traffickers and sex buyers being placed there. This leads to most being worried about their safety rather than enjoying their vacation.

“It’s illegal sex trade is 63% higher than the next highest state” 

“The city that never sleeps” is a true saying, but with late-night outings, the opportunities to kidnap are doubled. With a percentage of these people being intoxicated coming back from clubs. Alcohol gives people a false interpretation of how dangerous a situation is. People find themselves in situations they probably would not have allowed themselves to be in sober, alone, and talking to strangers in a big city.

But I’m a guy so I don’t have to worry about that…

With a higher percentage of girls/women being human trafficked men never think they could find themselves in one of these situations.  False. My friend that just came back from Vegas and was walking on the street by himself and a person tried to throw him in the back of his car. He was screaming and yelling and luckily managed to get away. This is a reminder that everyone and anyone can be a target of this horrific crime.

But I still want to go to Vegas….

Don’t put your life on hold because of something you can’t control. Las Vegas is a fun time but you do have to be aware. Be aware of your surroundings and the people in them. It is also important to implement a buddy system with your friends. Never let anyone walk alone or be alone, especially on the street. I’m from a small town so going out on my own and not locking my door was an everyday thing. Trying to develop these small habits have been very important to develop for my safety. It is the small things that we sometimes don’t think about that lead us to the most dangerous situations. Stay safe and be smart.

If you know of or have seen any suspicious activity involving Human Trafficking. Don’t wait contact the number above.

3 thoughts on “What happens in vegas…. stays in vegas or maybe you do too.

  1. Wow!! This was such an eye opening read!! I have always wanted to go to Vegas, and I am so glad you brought up the safety aspect, it is soo important and often overlooked, especially when traveling.


  2. This was really well said. I didn’t know this about Vegas, and I also have always wanted to go. Sex trafficking is such a scary thing and everyone should be aware of it!! I hope everyone reads this and become more aware.

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  3. As the other comments have mentioned, very eye-opening! Yet, it’s so sad that as women we always have to be aware of things like this as we travel. Thank you for educating others who might not have known though.


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