Just Say Me

Just Say Me! Or So You Would Think, 

Just Say Me, a statement that can have so many connotations. I first heard this statement in a ABC Family hit show “The Secret Life of an American Teenager” The statement was meant to invoke power into a women’s right of choosing the needs of herself over a man, it was a sisterhood pack to (sayme) and put yourself first, weather it be spiritually, mentally, physically, and or sexually.

So I offer the statement of “just say me” as a building block. As an extension to saying no, not only to the men in our lives romantically but to the men in power. If you read my last post you probably see where I’m heading, if not welcome it’s going to be a long bumpy ride into the world of politics. A ride which nonetheless needs to be taken. 

So ladies and gentlemen of the jury, no I’m kidding (law and order joke) but am I really?  You see, back in 1973 on January 22nd, the U.S. Supreme Court passed a law which allowed women to extend our right of privacy when it comes to child bearing. Meaning during the first trimester women have or (excuse me “had” ) the right to choose weather to carry the baby full to term or to have an abortion, this historical case,  from that day on was known as Roe V. Wade.

50 years later, the year is now 2022 and the case for-which issued a law to enforce protection over women’s needs and wants pertaining to our bodies, have been no longer heard or cared for. How or why is this? You ask  

Secret Life Of The American Teenager Ridiculous Moments

Well on June 24th  The Supreme court made the decision to overturn Roe. V Wade. This was based on the claim that Roe’s initial argument was “exceptionally weak” and that the original ruling so called led to judicial authority abuse. The court even relied on upholding the constitution stating that “ the constitution does not confer a right to abortion” and that states should have the right to implement and uphold their laws as they choose. Y’all do you hear this? Are you reading the same words that I’m reading? In which I wrote, because this right here is BS. It’s not adding up, make it make sense you can’t because it doesn’t and that’s simply the problem. 

 Starting with this, first and foremost, the constitution was written, ratified, and upheld from 1787-1789, that’s 235 years old give or take. It was established so that America could survive and change into a better place as time progressed, to right the wrongs, one may say. The purpose was to create an equal and just society, for basic human rights, equality, justice, and liberty for all. Freedom, right but the real question was or still is today, Are WE truly free? When we say 

“WE the PEOPLE” who are we referring to? 

Y’all have to remember that during that time everyone wasn’t seen as equal, if you were not a white wealthy man, who owned property, could vote, and so on, who were you? Were you seen as part of the nation? Part of the word “WE”? No. Chances are you were seen as property and or the housewife. What it meant to be a woman and what roles we played do not hold the same meaning in today’s world so of course the term “abortion” would not be seen in the precious constitution. 

Going along with the reasoning to so-called “uphold the constitution”. I know my rights and for the most part, I know the majority of the constitution and in Article V, the process of amending the Constitution is in writing. Meaning with certain votes the constitution may be revised. So let’s not try to argue that one as I’m pretty sure when the constitution was written everyone thought about how times may change and so would the need for the constitution to change as well. 

      And as for the reasoning that states should have a say in how to set laws in their states that may be true to an extent and it’s cute how you wanna implement that, however when it comes to a woman’s body!!! States or better yet the men who are in charge should not have a say in what’s best for a woman.” Now what you can do is allow or enforce men to have a vasectomy and when both partners are ready for children have the vasectomy reversed. 


Women, let’s take back our power from men! Don’t allow the overturning of a law to determine your rank in society.

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