Don’t call it a comeback…


Let’s send a HUGE ShoutOut! JMU welcome to our newest cohort of bloggers!

Hi everyone! I’m a junior History and Political Science major who is extremely excited to join the ShoutOut! JMU Community! While I know little about blogging, I am devoted to the idea that we need a more inclusive and understanding world; I hope that this community will allow us to learn acceptance and love from one another and begin creating the world that we want to live in. In the words of R.B.G., “I am a very strong believer in listening and learning from others.”  

Welcome to my thoughts, Besties! This is a safe place for ALL women that touches on an array of topics that quite literally keep me and the group chat awake at night. Forever the life motto: #bestiesovertesties

I am a senior studying writing, rhetoric, and technical communication with a minor in women, gender, and sexuality studies. I am an aspiring writer with a love for cats and movies. From Princess Diaries to LaLa Land, I love anything imaginative. I am excited to learn from my peers about feminism and hope to broaden my understanding of intersectionality through these blog posts.

I am a senior at JMU, graduating early this December. I also work as a barista to pay for school. I am passionate about feminist & gender-related issues, particularly in the field of education—sex education. I love animals, reality competition shows, and writing. My favorite colors are earth tones, and I have bad addictions to coffee & candles! 

I am currently a senior at James Madison University, studying communication with a concentration in public relations. In my free time I like reading romance novels, watching New Girl, and going to the gym. I am excited to be a part of ShoutOut! this semester and for you all to read my blog posts!

Friendly, clumsy, and wears her heart on her sleeve. A unique mixture of caring a little too much but also being able to roll with the punches. I am a junior Communication Studies major here at JMU who loves to speak my mind almost as much as I love to dance and have a good time. Being with friends, watching New Girl, and giving advice all fall under my favorite things to do, and I do it all with a sense of humor and a smile across my face.  

Hi, I’m femblogger4life! I’m a senior Communication Studies major with a concentration in Organizational Communication here at JMU. I’m also in a few clubs around campus and love meeting new people. I’m from Pennsylvania, and grew up loving to play volleyball and soccer and be outdoors. I also really enjoy makeup and fashion, and love to help my friends pick outfits and do their hair and makeup. I’m really excited to be a part of Shoutout! JMU and be able to gain more knowledge about feminism and all the surrounding topics.

A slut. A woman who is confident in her body, confident in her sexual desires, and doesn’t care to be judged. Does my slutness offend you? Does myprovocative speech make me less feminine? Am I less of a good woman? The word ‘slut’ is always used in a derogatory term, yet I’m here to take that word back and let women know that we can use it to empower ourselves. I’m a first-generation woman of color with a full-ride to a freaking PWI for crying outloud! And I’m a slut. Best of both worlds, huh?

A Blackbird. What one is truly. A beautiful species who tries to be seen from the shadows near and within. Society tries to cage and tame the bird. Heck, society even tries to place its label on this blackbird and yet, like the great Maya Angelou, “You may kill me with your hatefulness … You may shoot me with your words… Still, I rise.“

Hello and welcome! I’m hoping to educate myself and others through this process because there’s always more to learn. I love to read and write about critical pieces that show power dynamics in society and place a spotlight on those who are usually kept in the dark.

Hey everyone! I’m so excited to have the opportunity to join the dialogue and bring new perspectives to the conversation on feminism. Being a part of various organizations during my time at JMU I have met many people throughout the JMU community. Therefore, I’ve been lucky enough to have been exposed to different opinions and controversies within our community. In my conversations with others, I find it so essential to understand and value everyone’s voice. I hope to bring all this to the blog and help foster an interactive and safe space!

I’m in my fifth year taking an elective for my communication studies degree. I’m not sure how I’ll contribute to this blog yet, but I know I have some unique and controversial topics up my sleeve that may shock or excite you. Get ready, readers! Elated tomato is pretty much who I am without expressing my name. Don’t ask.

As a Writing and Rhetoric major with a minor in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, I want to create a discourse that empowers and emboldens people to embrace the stereotype of an angry feminist. In trying times, the only fair reaction can be anger. The idea of feminine rage is seen throughout music, art, books, and movies but it does not only have to exist in fiction. We should feel comfortable inhabiting anger and frustration in our daily lives and I am dedicated to building a safe space for those upset with the world around them.

I have never written for an organized blog or site before so I am very excited to give this a try. A couple things about myself: I am OBSESSED with Harry Potter and I love trying fun Tik Tok recipes. I am not from the Harrisonburg area, but I have enjoyed getting to know the area in my time at JMU and will miss this sweet area when I graduate. I feel very passionate about women’s rights and hearing others’ voices, so I am excited to try writing for this blog and bringing things I find important to light!

As an official blogger, the action of introducing myself in a nonverbal manner feels quite odd, like a baby sounding out their first words. My hands are considerably farther apart from my brain than my mouth. Maybe that’s why most of what I mean to say gets lost along the journey to my fingertips. There’s so much to contemplate each day and just as much to share, but I’ll keep to the highlights in the future. Here are some highlights about me. I’m honest, sometimes motivated, yet persistent, and resolute. Till next time!

As my handle indicates, I am a cat lady from NJ, and I am excited to join the blog as a writer. I am a senior Political Science major with a love for WGSS courses, I enjoy bringing a feminist perspective to American politics, and advocating for the things I care about. I never shut up, so I look forward to contributing to ShoutOut! JMU as much as I can.

I’m looking forward to writing for ShoutOut! JMU this semester! Throughout college reading and learning about the current social issues regarding all marginalized groups has become a passion of mine. I’ve taken many classes regarding cultural studies, intercultural communication, and gender communication. I think writing for the feminist blog will give me a great opportunity to use what I have learned in my classes, combined with my opinions and passion for these issues, to write and communicate messages to the world that might inspire others the way other feminist writers and speakers inspire me.

Hi, everyone, and welcome to the blog! I am a junior at James Madison University and am excited to start blogging. I am a very organized, outgoing, and loving person. I love meeting new people and learning cool things about them. I love dogs (especially huskies), going to the beach, and going to concerts. I am very excited to share my blog posts and read everyone else’s!!

littlemisscorpio I am a very outgoing person and I talk probably too much, so I thought why not put those thoughts into something with purpose! I am also a person of color and advocating for other people of color is extremely important to me. Many people of color do not have the voice they deserve, especially women, so  feel that it is important to change that. I like to talk about issues that are often overlooked by the majority of people because every added voice makes a difference.  

Student at James Madison University! Sharing all things on feminism!

Hey, loves! I love going out, meeting new people, and having fun (which is probably a result from my ADHD combined with being an extravert). Along with the trendy college girl life aesthetic, I also double as a complete nerd…Yes, I will be at the party, but yes, I will be leaving early to play Minecraft. My nails are always black, my coffee iced, and my jewelry gold. Let’s get this party started!

Hi, everyone! I am a student at James Madison University. I am from New Jersey. I love the outdoors, being surrounded by the people I love, and traveling. I will be writing a lot about my family and friends because those are the things that are most important to me. Growing up, I wasn’t very educated on the topic of feminism. Now, being at a University, I have educated myself, and have learned a lot in the last couple of years. I hope to continue my education on feminism and write blog posts that are fun and unique!

Hey readers! I am littlemissgemini101! Geminis are AMAZING individuals who know how to fight with their words, and I am hoping to do that here on this site! I am a sophomore Communication Studies major with a concentration in Public Relations here at JMU. I enjoy watching The Office and hanging out with my friends, plus I LOVE dogs! I am super excited to start sharing my views and continue learning the true meaning of feminism. I hope my writing brings more awareness to the issues women face today and I’m so glad this platform will allow me to!

I’m lucky to be a woman, on this Earth and within nature. I feel my best outside among the flowers, with the breeze whispering that I belong and with vibrant greens dancing in my face. Maybe that’s because the real world, the human-constructed world, feels so angry and cold nowadays. Towards everything. Women, the Earth, life itself. I want the people in this world, from every community and background, to feel proud, seen, and heard. Exactly how I do when the backdoor shuts behind me and the outside world welcomes me in.

Hello! I am currently a junior at James Madison University. I look forward to starting blogging here. I am a strong, independent woman looking to advocate for women around the world!

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  1. Amazing ensemble of bloggers! Can’t wait to hear your voices. Welcome to ShoutOut! One of the loudest best kept secrets at JMU.

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