Stop violence against women

Monday is by far my least favorite day of the week, but the one thing I look forward to is my drive to school, listening to the newest podcast of Crime Junkies. For the past year I have really enjoyed listening to different podcasts and learning about new things. Crime Junkies is one of my favorites because it dives deep into criminal cases that are not normally found in mainstream media. After listening to the latest episode, there was one thing that really caught my attention. The hosts of the show, Ashley and Brit were digging into the case of Michelle Easton, a missing African American pregnant woman. After diving into the case they slipped in a fact that blew my mind. The number 1 cause of maternal death here in the United States is homicide. This really shocked me so I decided to research this and yes, homicide is in fact the top cause of death in pregnant women. 

Having a baby for any mother is a scary thing and for years some women have feared for their lives because of medical conditions that could arise. With the more recent improvements in the medical world, it has made having a baby a much smoother and easier process. After doing some more research into this topic I found some pretty shocking statistics. Pregnant women are twice as likely to die from homicide than bleeding or placenta disorders. This is not just a story of pregnant women dying it is also a story that deals with race and age. 

In the year 2018, the government came out with a new law stating that all states must state whether or not a woman was pregnant or not at the time of her death on the death certificate. There has been extensive research done and it has shown that pregnant black women in the United States are 3 times more likely to die from homicide than women who are not pregnant.  Age is also a very big factor when it comes to some of these statistics, studies have shown that young women from the ages of 10-24 are at a higher risk of homicide when they are pregnant than those who are not. The statistics prove that there is a real problem here in the United States that needs to be addressed. 

After reading about this topic I became curious as to why men would be doing this to women and their unborn children. There are many different factors that go into why people act the way they do, but some men see a child as a burden, hindering them from the life they have planned in their head. Some of these men see a child as a complication in their life that they just need to get rid of. Reading some of the stories about fathers who have murdered their their family or pregnant wife are absolutely horrific and more attention needs to be brought to these situations. Women need to be more informed about the scary situations that could occur during their pregnancy and resources need to be provided for them and their relationships. 


National Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-7233

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