A white womans’ book on trap feminism

Jennifer M. Buck, a white woman, who published the book ‘Bad and Boujee: Toward a Trap Feminist Theology’ around two months ago has gotten extreme backlash these past few months. Wipf and Stock’s director of publications, recently spoke up and said they had “initiated the removal of the book from publication and distribution.” 

 The books description reads, “enagages with the overlap of black experience, hip-hop music, ethics, and feminism to focus on a sucsection know as ‘trap feminism’ and construct a Trap Femismist Theology.” Which now has a one star rating on Amazon and countless reviews stating how it is “inappropriate” and asking “why is she speaking for Black women’s voices? Who gave the okay for this?”. 

Trap Feminism? :

For some poeple this term might be one you have heard before, and for others it is very new. Sesali Brown, an author of another Trap Feminism book ‘Bad Fat Black Girl’ says that ‘Trap Feminism’ is her unique feminst sensibility that includes what she calls a “messy feminism”, a mindset that goes beyond hip-hop feminism. “It’s gritty, hood culture that specifically came from listening to trap music. Hip-hop and trap music is always critiqued for being anti-feminist but there is agenvy for women there, you just know how to look for it.” In her book she explains what it takes to be a ‘Trap Feminist” and has 10 BAD B*TCH PRINCIPALS that she says you need to follow. 

The book began to start receiving backlash on Instagram by a podcaster and writer, when she made a comment on one of the book’s promotional posts asking how the author was qualified to write this book. Since reading the description more people started to stand up, asking the same question: “Why is a privileged white woman writing about the trap cultures of black women?” Many big named people have been raged by this, some have either messaged her directly or posted online sharing their frustration. 

Candice Marie Benbow posted a tweet April 13th, 2022 where she showed how angry she was over this matter and getting over 19,000 likes and 2,000 retweets from others who support what she is saying.  

Some who disagree with the book being canceled find that since Buck has taught the course “Trap Feminist Theology”  for over five years now makes more more than qualified to be writing this book. While this is not the majority of people’s opinions, there have still been some scholars that have been backing up Jennifer Buck, her book, and her credibility. 

The author has been accused of “cultural and racial appropriation, carelessness in (or a lack of) crediting prior research, and deleting said criticism from her social accounts and Amazon pages” as said by Katie Heaney in an article on The CUT. Both white and black women have been angry about this issue, asking how did this book even get published in the first place. The publishing agency released a formal statement responding and saying, “ you all and the critics are right: we should have seen numerous red flags, including but not limited to the inappropriateness of a White theologian writing about the experience of Black women,…… and the lack of relationship with Black scholars, especially those who originated the trap feminst discourse.” 

With all of the uproar happening within just a few short days, I believe it opened peoples eyes to more inappropriateness done by other white scholars that do not have the experience or ability to create something that is not their place to be said. 

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