Oklahoma, the state where it’s criminalized for women to use their rights

Oklahoma, the state known for its invention of girl scout cookies, and fully criminalizing women’s constitutional rights. Last week Republican Gov. Kevin Sitt signed a bill that makes performing an abortion in the state to be illegal. In a statement Stitt says “We want Oklahoma to be the most pro-life state in the country”(Scott, 2022).


Many wonder how a state can go against the constitutional rights given by Roe v. Wade. The bill that was added to the constitution in 1973 is unfortunately heading back to the Supreme Court with the chances of getting overturned. Somehow (I have absolutely no idea how), the government thinks that it may be unconstitutional, which will then in turn leave the decisions on abortion to be decided by state legislatures. This is a disgusting and shocking thought as it is predicted that 26 states will ban abortion if it is overturned (Nash, 2022).

Kevin Stitt, the governor of Oklahoma, stated that he was, “so excited about the Supreme Court addressing this issue and giving it back to the states where it belongs.” He is so excited to use his power as overlord of Oklahoma to take away women’s rights to regulate what they do with their own bodies. Luckily for women all over Oklahoma, Stitt seems to know what’s best for them and is making the choice for them, which ironically (like most pro-life bills) is unconstitutional. This bill will in fact be one of the most extreme anti-abortion bills in the country (Scott, 2022).

I think this is probably one of the most disturbing trends that is currently going on in the United States. This situation is a direct and unconstitutional attack on women’s rights. The fact that reproductive freedom can be taken away because people don’t like it is utterly sickening.

Even though all this news is scary to hear, the fight is not over. Try to make your voice heard. Especially towards your state government officials who will have the ultimate decision to make if Roe v. Wade ends up getting overturned. You can email, write, and tag online your local legislatures and voice your opinions regarding the matter. There are also marches taking place all over the country, which you can attend to have your voice heard. Although it may seem small, exercising and standing up for your constitutional rights is something that needs to be done. This deters the restrictive powers that the government is trying to put in place on women’s rights all over the country, because you never know what they will try to regulate next.

Just as I thought the United States was becoming progressive this sickening trend had to emerge. I really want to act surprised, but let’s be honest it isn’t United States politics if it doesn’t involve men trying to unconstitutionally regulate what women do with their bodies. As a fellow male we do not claim these deranged maniacs and their idiotic beliefs that they can control what women do with their own bodies.


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