#Loveforall event, yes even you

Recently, an event on campus I went to was JMU Pink’s #LoveForAll event. This event wasn’t one where someone was talking at you telling you to love yourself and love others, and that was maybe the best part about it, because let’s be real… when does that ever work? The JMU Pink team hosted this interactive event in honor of International Women’s Day. If you got a chance to see it, it was at the Warner Commons in between D-Hall and Madison Union on the afternoon of March 8th. At their table, they had carnations with notes tied to them with positive affirmations. When you walked up to the table, you would write a note and then take one that was written by someone else. For anyone walking by, myself included, this was a great way to brighten up your day. The Pink team even went around to places like D-Hall and handed them out to the staff working. The notes and carnations were a nice way to remind us to not only spread that JMU love, but also to love ourselves. 

The JMU Pink team members were very welcoming and very enthusiastic about their event. They wanted everyone walking by to be and to feel included at their table. While there, I got a chance to speak to one of the representatives from the Pink team, Grace Warren, one-on-one about why she thought hosting an event like this was so important to do and she shared with me that:

“I think it’s really important to promote self love on both personal and public levels. As an affiliate of a national brand that is dedicated to supporting mental health, we wanted to do an event that would allow us to reach out to any students that were walking by, not just our usual Instagram followers. Stereotypes might say that flowers are “girly,” but we think flowers are for everyone and students identifying as both male and female, we’re excited to receive and spread love!”

Grace Warren, #LoveForAllEvent, 2022

Self-love and empowerment, in my opinion, can often times be a difficult thing especially in a college environment where there is so much pressure to perform. College, for many people, can also become a time where you feel so many of your own insecurities. It can often be difficult to stop comparing yourself to other people or even just tell yourself you’re doing your best and that’s ok. Events like this can be a subtle reminder to treat yourself with kindness and others as well. Seeing so many people come by the table and write notes for complete stranger should remind us all that we’re never alone in how we feel, and that the other members of our community love and value us. As a feminist, seeing an event like this on campus on International Women’s Day and during Women’s History Month, served as a good reminder that we as women have come so far in the things we have accomplished for ourselves in the past and even for the future of other women- we deserve to celebrate ourselves and each other, today and every day. Personally, if I could give everyone reading this a carnation and a reminder that you are amazing, I would.

The Pink team will be hosting more fun events on and off-campus in the future, so if you missed this past one, no worries! The team is also working hard to educate about important women who have made history and doing fun giveaways on their Instagram. If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to check out all of their social media accounts @jmupink for more updates from them.

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