Battle for a ban

Just over the past year the United States has spent over 9.23 billion dollars on conversion therapy. Not only is this an absurd amount of money, this is highly immoral and should be done away with immediately, a complete federal ban is in order. Attempting to “convert” LGBTQ young people that were subject to conversion therapy were exponentially more likely to attempt suicide rather than other queer adolescents that did not experience this conversion therapy. Recent attempts by The Trevor Project to urge policymakers into making this a federal ban have been unsuccessful thus far but show no signs of slowing down in the near future. For clarification, the Trevor Project is a nonprofit organization founded in 1998 that focuses on the suicide prevention of the LGBTQ community. The CEO, Amit Paley, says that “this alarming study illustrates that subjecting LGBTQ young people to conversion therapy continues to have deep and detrimental costs from both a humanistic and economic standpoint.” What sticks out the most is the deeply immoral values that this brings on to society as a whole. Attempting to convert a human simply because you don’t agree with their values is absolutely sickening and should be put to a stop immediately. There should be many more attempts to empower the LGBTQ community instead of the constant attempt to tear it apart and break down the humans that live a different way that a deluded society believes they should. 

I believe whole-heartedly that the LGBTQ community is completely undervalued as a whole and I will tell you exactly why. Alan Turing, Tammy Baldwin, and James Baldwin, all names most have never heard, but all are names that matter. Alan Turing, in the early 1940’s helped to break the code for a Nazi Enigma machine that ultimately led to the allies defeating Adolf Hitler in WWII. Tammy Baldwin, Democrat of Wisconsin, was the first Lesbian to be elected into the U.S Senate and has quickly become one of the most vocal advocates for gun control. James Baldwin, sometimes considered as the “20th century Van Gogh”, spoke out loudly of the experiences of being both black and gay in America. There are a plethora of more activists out there who have done similar things elevating the LGBTQ community. But the real question is, what would have been left if these humans didn’t have it in them to transcend throughout the triffeling times to place their staple on the LGBTQ community by paving the way. This just goes to show how badly a federal ban needs to be placed on conversion therapy in young LGBTQ people. If this continues the entire world is going to miss out on many revolutionary ideas and especially individuals as a whole. A human should not have to make the decision in their lives between suicide and being converted into something they are not. They belong in this world just as much as anyone else and no one has the right to try and make a sickening decision about someone else’s sexualtiy/gender. This world has only gotten so far due to the individuality of every human, so why is an attempt to take that away from someone even an option? “A 2018 report from the Williams Institute at UCLA estimates that 700,000 LGBTQ adults were subjected to conversion therapy at some point in their lives, and in 2019 the institute estimated that state bans prevented and estimated 10,000 lives.” That statistic there says it all: over ten thousand lives were saved due to state bans, imagine the lives that could be saved if all 50 states had it. 


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