Guest POst: jmu’s newest student-run Blog

Calling all social justice and human rights advocates!!!!

Community Engagement Project For Political Science 341: Social Movements in the United States and Abroad 

If topics such as social justice and human rights or the history and politics of activism on a national and global scale peek your interest, keep reading…..

POSC.341: Social Movements in the United States and Abroad is a three credit course offered in the fall semester taught by professor Kristin Wylie- Don’t be shy to enroll, this course is offered to everyone not just political science majors! This course will examine the origins, modes of action and impact of social movements pertaining to issues ranging from the rights of ethno-racial minorities, women, sexual minorities, and immagrants to the environment, human rights and world peace (JMU course-catalog). 

As part of the course, my classmates and I have decided to create a community engagement assignment that would combine our passion for writing, social justice, and women’s rights while also incorporating and applying material from our social movements class. As a collective, we have a created a blog for the posc. 341 course called “Feminism is for Everyone.” We want to create an inclusive, safe, and brave space for constructive dialogue about the intersectionality of women’s issues in relation to national and global social movements that have occurred in the last few decades. 

Our group of small but mighty writers are working diligently to create a site from scratch. Some of our posts include but are not limited to: social movements concerning fertility equality and reproduction, how religious organizations respond towards feminism and does feminism leave room for religious beliefs, what role have men played in the feminist movement, the importance of intersectionality and how the women’s movement wasn’t always for all women, Immigrant access to health care regarding expecting mothers, additionally looking into immagrant rights leaders through a feminist perspective etc. 

We also plan to link resources, courses and organizations offered on JMU’s campus that encompass these topics of interest and promote activism. For students looking to get more involved and act as an agent for change, we want to help aid in making it super easy to do so, we believe every student deserves to have a voice. Blog post: Calling All Activists

Long term goals of this blog:

  •  Provide material that creates empowerment 
  • Creating an inclusive space for everyone and anyone interested in the cause 
  • Addressing the intersectionality of issues on a national and global scale while being conscious of how to be good allies to marginalized groups
  • Using our blog as an agent for positive and proggresive change

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