Why female veterans want better healthcare

It is no secret that female veterans deserve better healthcare after multiple years of fighting for it. In recent times, a bill has passed and these female veterans hope it will improve their healthcare services. When using these healthcare services, many of the female veterans said the veteran healthcare lacked privacy, and being a woman myself I know how important it is to feel safe in the doctor’s office. The veterans disclosed they did not have locks on doors and lacked screens for privacy, which to me is a big red flag.

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Female veterans also disclosed the veteran healthcare do not have proper safety and they often faced inappropriate questioning as they walked through the doors, like the service providers asking if their husband would be joining them, just because they are women. I feel that it is important to address the fact that people always assume a man is involved in a woman’s life, and I think that heteronormative assumption needs to be shut down because we are in 2021.

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It is unfair for these female veterans to not be properly taken care of by the healthcare system after fighting for our country and our rights. The Deborah Sampson Act is the bill that has recently been signed to help female veterans get access to the proper health services and improving access to benefits.

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The Deborah Sampson Act is focused on advancing healthcare by taking multiple steps. First, they want to create a strictly women’s health office at the VA (The Veterans Affair) which will include group counseling for women veterans. Following, they want to staff every Veterans Affair with properly trained employees who will ensure women have the proper privacy and feel like they are in a safe environment. Coming from a feminist perspective once again, it is important that women feel safe in their healthcare provider’s office because without that, they can lack disclosing personal information that could be critical to their health. Next, they want to enact more health supporting services, like support for those female veterans who are homeless or need aid with child care.Lastly, and this may be the most crucial next step, the Deborah Sampson Act wants to provide care for victims of Military Sexual Trauma.I think it is very important to address that many women in the military face sexual assault or harassment, since it is a male dominated field, having one in four women serving get sexually assaulted. Sexual assault has many physical and mental traumas that can take a toll on someone and it is important that it gets treated so that person does not struggle. That is an alarming number and disgusting to think that people who are supposed to protect our country are out there harming and neglecting our own soldiers. The Deborah Sampson Act needs to work toward protecting our women in the military because of all they do for us and because their health care and wellbeing is being suppressed.  

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Overall, women in the military have suffered for years not getting the proper healthcare and benefits that they deserve. With the Deborah Sampson Act in play, hopefully women in the military will soon get the privacy and feel at peace being treated in the Veterans Affair.

2 thoughts on “Why female veterans want better healthcare

  1. I really enjoyed your post! Having family members who have served myself, there is definitely a lot of stuff that’s messed up about how veterans are treated by the government in this country. I feel like there’s always some news story about the V.A. doing something despicable of holding out on giving vets the benefits they need, but until I read this I didn’t really think about how it applied to women seeking something as simple as a safe doctors office!


  2. Agreed with comment above. I feel like I’m constantly hearing about the V.A. From my understanding there’s a threshold for disability compensation as well. Like they won’t give you a lot of money for treatments unless someone evaluated you as being in the 80 – 90% range. That might be worth looking into as something that is problematic! Thank you for talking about the Deborah Sampson Act! I’ll definitely be looking into that!


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