Policies of the future

Under the Biden-Harris Administration, a new policy regarding gender equality is being implemented. 

On International Women’s Day this year, an executive order was put in place to establish the White House Gender Policy Council. Under this council, many controversial topics that are impacted by gender bias will be tackled. Some of these include, but are not limited to, healthcare, education, military forces, wages, and leadership roles. A full list of the council’s priorities can be found in the National Strategy on Gender Equity and Equality, which was released on Friday, October 22, 2021. This was a first for the United States, and while it should be seen as good thing, it is also quite “ambitious,” according to Kim Elsessor, a senior contributor at Forbes.

Biden’s policies aim to improve the livelihoods of women across the country, but women are just a portion of the target audience. President Biden and Vice President Harris want to help all that have been at a disadvantage in the past. 

“By equality, we refer to the goal of reaching gender equality at home and abroad, meaning a world in which equal opportunity is afforded to all people regardless of gender or any other factor. 

Amidst a pandemic, this policy is needed now more than ever, as the world does not seem to know where to turn next. Most of us thought the COVID-19 pandemic would have been over within a couple of months, but here we are, almost in year two. As we continue to move through these unknown territories, it has become apparent that the ways in which we go through our daily lives are continuing to adjust with the curveballs the world continues to throw our way.

Since we have now learned to roll with the punches, it is easier to implement changes. For the past almost two years we’ve had to, so adjusting policies is probably the simplest it has ever been. Our normal was rocked and we’re having to adjust to the new normal.

Because the new normal is still being shaped, adding gender equality to the mix isn’t that giant of a leap in my opinion. Many have been fighting for this change for years now, and it has finally come time to do something about it. When the world completely opens back up, the United States could be one of the world’s leaders in gender equality if we work to accept the changes that Biden’s policies look to implement.

“We are committed to American leadership on the world stage. 

Along with the United States, Canada and some European countries are also working to achieve gender equality within their societies. Sweden has gone as far to implement a policy that states men and women should share equal housework responsibilities. 

With our national government finally addressing this ongoing issue in society, it is now our turn to do the same. For those who are fortunate enough to benefit from today’s society, take a minute and think about it. Appreciate the opportunities you have been afforded, and then think about how you can assist others in achieving the same. Be grateful and helpful.

Gender equality is a complex topic to some, but in the end it just means allowing every individual an equal opportunity. 

One thought on “Policies of the future

  1. I really enjoyed how you addressed the pandemic and how it has been cause for so much change, I think it’s cool that you were able to connect such a prominent event to this specific topic. My question though is what exactly is the administration doing in the areas you listed to enforce gender equality? and how effective do you think these changes will be? I really enjoyed your post, definitely an important topic!!


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