Newsroom roundup 9/13

Local News: In late May 2021, Cadet First Captain Kacey G. Meredith became the first female regimental commander at Virginia Military Institute. After her appointment was announced Kacey received a tremendous amount of hate. Especially on the social media platform, Jodel, an anonymous app similar to Yik Yak. In response, law firm Barnest and Thornburg launched a private investigation on VMI. They found that 14% of female cadets surveyed reported that they have been sexually assaulted on campus and 63% of people surveyed reported that another cadet has confided in them about being sexually assaulted. Additionally, most female cadets reported “consistent fear” of sexual assault and harassment while on campus. While this is a big problem for female cadets, administration does not take reports seriously at all. Here are some of the responses from administration that cadets received when filing a complaint or telling their stories: “Think about this guy’s commission, and the life you are about to ruin” and “Just a reminder, you know he’s only a couple months away from graduation”. 

Global News: On September 7, 2021, Mexico’s supreme court unanimously ruled that abortion is now decriminalized and considered “unconstitutional.” This means that not a single court in Mexico can punish or prosecute anyone for getting an abortion. This is a major step forward for feminists and activists in Mexico that have been protesting for women’s rights for many years. This is a historic ruling for Mexico considering they are one of the largest predominantly Catholic countries; a religion in which abortion procedures are opposed. 

National News: The Human Rights Campaign filed a lawsuit against Tennessee’s anti-transgender law. Back in May Tennessee Govener Bill Lee signed a law that prevents transgender students from using the gendered bathroom that they identity with. Transgender students only options are to use the bathroom that corresponds with their biological sex or a gender neutal bathroom. This lawsuit was filed on the behalf of two students, Alex and Ariel, that both experienced having to use a bathroom that they do not identify with. The lawsuit argues that the law violates Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 which states that schools cannot discriminate based on sex. 

To learn more about these events, check out each of these news articles!

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