Covid-19 and the problems that americans still face

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As we all know, COVID has impacted all of our lives in one way or another and even though we have the vaccine, there are still problems every single day that we have to face. People have lost loved ones, had to distance themselves from family, and gotten sick for days on end all because of a virus that could have been contained. The question many people are asking is, where do we go from here and how can we move forward in order for our country to get somewhat back to normal.

The first problem that we have to address is the fact that there are people in America today that still do not have the vaccine, and even though everyone should have their own choice about what they can and cannot put into their body, the vaccine is clinically proven to help those who have COVID-19, fight off and prevent the virus from harming them. People have to realize that if we can reach herd immunity, this achieved by taking the vaccine, our nation will be able to recover and start producing antibodies that will put this pandemic to rest once and for all. The vaccine is also free which makes not being able to buy it is an invalid excuse. It isn`t just peoples own health that they must worry about, the vaccine helps prevent the spread of the virus to others which is something that anit-vaccers must come to realize and make themselves aware of.

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One other thing that I want to bring into the light is the fact that most of the workers that are struggling through this pandemic have been females. According to CNBC News, women loss 800 billion dollars in income just this past year due to the pandemic. Most of the Health Care officials that have been on the front lines are women which is a major reason why this number was so high. Many of these workers have been exposed to the virus which is one of the main reasons that the are losing their jobs, there are too many people getting deathly ill which causes them to not be able to work. Women have also had the challenge of teaching students in an online environment (WebEx and Zoom) which has been very difficult for some people to adapt to. There are so many things that people had to learn on the fly, for example, to set up a zoom meeting you have to create a room, make a password, set up you audio and camera while also making sure you can see the slides or work that you will be presenting to the class. These are things that have had to be self taught, and let me tell you from experience, they are not so easy to pick up. The one last thing that I wanted to talk about is the fact that many women have had to raise their newborn and young children through such a hard time in this day and age. The virus has taken so many young lives which is so incredibly difficult to go through as a mother. Coming from a male, I just wanted to say that I have the utmost respect for any female that has had to endure the difficulties and challenges of this pandemic. It has already been so hard on so many people and there will be more trails and tribulations to come in the near future which is the main reason that I am writing this Blog, to raise awareness of all of these things.

To conclude my first Blog post, I would like to say that I really enjoyed this process, going back looking at other blogs, thinking of a topic that is important to me, and writing about it. This is my first time writing a blog and I really enjoyed the whole process of learning more and talking about a topic that I am passionate about, while also learning the inns and outs of how to create a blog. I really hope you guys enjoyed the content of this post and actually learned a few things as well!

One thought on “Covid-19 and the problems that americans still face

  1. While I personally have mixed feelings about the vaccine (not an “anti-vaccer” I just believe that everything is situational), I do think you brought up a really good point by saying “I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t go out and get the vaccine.” Perhaps this is a feminist issues in itself as there are certainly inequities in the circulation of knowledge and resources in this country and globally…free will isn’t as free as we think it is.


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