We’re Back!

Same ShoutOut! JMU mission.
Same ShoutOut! JMU vibes.
A whole lotta’ new bloggers!

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Without further ado, let’s jump in and meet the new crew of bloggers who will be embracing intersectionality, fighting the patriarchy, and speaking truth to power! Drumroll please…

@SinningAndWinning: Long-term feminist, short-term blogger. As a college student on a track towards law school, I’m deciding what section of law I should go into. Even after considering possibly every topic of law, I still come back to female and racial issues. This is something that I am truly passionate about, and I look forward to putting that passion into words on this blog!

@yallmeansall: Hi y’all! I am a senior Communication major at JMU with a minor in Sociology. Some of my relevant interests are body image issues in young girls, mental health on college campuses, and LGBTQ+ rights. I hope to provide you with important stories that may not get the attention they deserve on traditional or national media outlets. Hope you enjoy!

@cherriesnpits: Being a feminist in today’s world can be challenging, and there is always going to be something new for everyone to think about. Even though things may seem like they are getting progressively sweeter, you have to watch out for deep-seeded alternative motives.

@pic$esfairy: An inspiring environmentalist hoping to utilize my passion to learn and grow within the feminism movement, specifically with eco-feminism. I spend my days enjoying nature in the comfort of the surrounding mountains of where I live and participating in thoughtful conversation with my peers regarding popular issues of today. I love to explore my inner self and how I can be of contribution to my community.  

@damandamyth: Just a chill guy who wants to learn more about the world and myself. I have never really been into blogs but have recently been very intrigued in the readings that I have come across.

@YOURMOM: If you are wondering about my blogger handle, look no further! Comedic relief keeps things light while talking about serious issues; YOURMOM will make anyone giggle out of sheer irony. 

@imabadwitch: Just a girl writing for ShoutOut! Enjoy my posts of me going off on very important topics in today’s society and educate yourself!

@theinsideoutsider: This account is from the perspective of a free-thinking, first-generation college kid born and raised in a very rural area. I feel like an outsider when I’m home. I don’t quite fit, my views don’t line up, but I’m still treated as just a normal small towner. This can lead to interesting viewpoints on a lot of different issues happening in the world. I’m also able to hear the reasoning from behind the viewpoints because I rarely try to contradict them, so there’s no arguing, just me listening to what they have to say and then analyzing and comparing it.

@GreetsHorizon: While I’m new to feminism, I’m here to learn and broaden my horizons.

@butterpecan1939: My favorite ice cream is Butter Pecan—try it, IT IS AMAZING—just like feminism and ME! I am blessed to be in a blessed family #doubleblessed. I love laughing, chatting, listening to music, hanging with my friends, tacos, pandas, and talking about important issues in society. Feminism is something I am exploring as a part of my identity and love to hear about others’ thoughts, feeling, and emotions behind it. I love 70’s music and dancing so I plan on looking into feminism around the 70’s to see how music relates to it. JMU 4L.

@thatblondechick: I grew up in Virginia Beach, VA, and am currently a senior at James Madison. I am majoring in Communication Studies with a concentration in Public Relations. During my free time, I enjoy hanging out with friends, shopping, and discovering new music. 

@Cookie$ecrets: I currently study Geographic Science with a concentration in Environmental Conservation, Sustainability, and Development. I am a watery Pisces bb just trying to set fire to the patriarchy with radical self-love. Long, deep, open conversations that nurture self-actualization really get me going. I also love sushi and my dog. Confused about my sexuality since 2012, socially mortified since birth. 

@aquariusgal18: I like cats, chai tea lattes, and warm weather. I want to make the world a better place!

@epicchungus: Hi everyone! I am a senior media arts and design major with a concentration in digital video and cinema with a film studies minor at JMU. I think this is gonna’ be an epic​ journey as we delve into the realms of feminism and life. 

@newQT: I am just a baby human who loves to experience new things (such as blogging) and advocates for health & happiness. I bleed purple. I am a hopeless romantic. I love to take risks. I drink more iced coffee than water and lastly, the words I live by are “fall in love with as many things as possible.”

@thefeministsunflower: Hey, guys, just a future sexual assault victim advocate with an iced coffee addiction. A senior at James Madison University. I want to bring people together to fight hate, teach tolerance, and seek justice. No matter your gender identity, sexuality, race, age, or physical ability, feminism is for everyone. Now let’s rock this bitch and get to writing!

@HelloMissLady: Hey, guys! I am a senior Communication major at James Madison University! I do not like to take life too seriously, so you may be able to see that in my writing. However, I am still very interested in diving into actual issues I am passionate about. My favorite movie is Stepbrothers. If there are any other fans out there, you may see that HelloMissLady is a tribute to that. I am so excited to explore the ins and outs of feminism and share it with all of you!

@MissCocaCola: Sharing the opinions that no one asked for (but I KNOW you all wanted) on topics that matter the most.

@RoseBud420: Hi! I’m a Political Science major, WRTC minor, and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies minor. As can be shown through my academic choices, I will either be ruling the world one day or sitting in a jail cell with the other radical libs. When I am not in class I am in my room doing exactly what everyone else does: music, movies, and substances. You’d think I would be sick of my room after quarantine but I have developed an appreciation for the twelve walls that make up my den. Guilty pleasures include: the Bachelor franchise, daydreaming, carpet laying, astrology.

@stillstanding: Just a young woman trying to figure it all out. School, career, passions, politics, family, friends, faith, love, mental health, and everything in between. It’s hard, but to quote The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: “Females are strong as hell.”

@sofunnyandsillyxoxo: Hi everyone!! I am sofunnyandsillyxoxo because I am truly just so funny and silly! I can’t wait to write for ShoutOut this semester! I am a senior communication major with a generalist concentration and special education non-teaching minor. I am very passionate about equality and inclusivity and am looking forward to gaining a deeper understanding of feminism and reading everyone’s posts/personal experiences! I’m a pisces/aries cusp so I have a little bit of BOTH, I love travelling, music, dancing, singing, reality TV, going to the beach and being with friends/fam! xoxo

@Amethyst: Hello! I am junior Communication major with a concentration in public relations. I love to play volleyball on my free time and also like art. Recently I have been working out a lot and focusing on my health. 

@womenrfunny: Hey readers! It is womenarefunny here! I am a junior Communication major with a minor in Human Resource Development and a concentration in Public Relations. When I am not studying you can find me watching stand-up (Dave Chapelle specifically), hanging out with my dog to the point where it is concerning how little human interaction I have, and working out! As someone who has very little experience writing about feminist topics, I am extremely excited to take on this semester, learn new things, and share my perspective on various issues while hearing others’ ideas! 

@partygirlsdontgethurt: The inner thoughts of an average JMU student trying to make sense of and spread awareness on topics that bother me most.

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