No one’s paying attention to women with ADHD

This truly ties back to the idea of how women’s pain and symptoms are more likely to be not taken as seriously by doctors!!!

ShoutOut! James Madison University

A brain scan of 3 different brains
1st: Normal functioning, smooth.
2nd: ADD brain before treatment, divots/holes in the brain, two most prominent in the frontal cortex.
3rd: ADD brain after treatment (Ritalin). Looks smoother, less exaggerated divots.

“You have straight A’s…it doesn’t seem like you really need any help.” I felt the pressure of the superintendents’ gazes locked in on me, scanning for any potential flaws I might have. I thought to myself: hell yeah, and started playing Beyoncé in my head: “post up, flawless.” The problem was not apparent to the naked eye; they didn’t realize how it would take me three times the amount of clockwork and effort to match the accomplishments of any other overachiever (disclaimer: it’s not that I struggled to figure out an answer to a calculus problem, but rather to focus my attention solely to solving the problem). Not to mention, it was my parents who were more concerned than I was. They saw how I was consumed by school…unhealthily, because I was obsessively dedicated to any lengths necessary to prove to myself that I’m smart and capable. My parents…

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