Lets talk about marriage

Sometime marriage can be very rewarding, and other times marriage can be seen as very restrictive.  We, as women, are very fortunate to live in a nation like the United States where we have a laundry list of liberties and freedoms within society and our own marriage, but in other countries, especially countries in the middle east, women are not as fortunate with such freedoms. Although we are constantly fighting for even more freedoms and equality within our society and workforce, we are more equal and treated as such compared to the women who are in the middle east and are still treated and looked at as possessions and a collection of their property. An enormous example would be Samira Zargari, an Iranian head ski coach was ‘barred’ or restricted access from her husband to travel outside of the country to participate in the International Ski Federation world championship that she had athletes competing in.

Head Ski coach barred from travel by US/Iranian Citizen

Turning our attention to Zargari’s husband, he is a man born within the United States who holds citizenship with both the US and Iran. The two were married for five years before he requested Samira to consent to a divorce due to the fact that he was in a relationship with her best friend at the time. Due to the fact that Samira did not agree or consent to the divorce her husband took advantage of the local Iranian law stating that husbands can stop their wives from traveling outside of the country.  In distress and desperation, Zargari reached out to the International Ski Federation seeking help, but their response was that although they sympathize with her situation, they are not in a position to dispute a country’s national law. This is understandable considering that an institution (no matter how large it may be) can change a nation laws or collected conscious when they have no standing within the government itself, but we wish that there were more than just sympathy and condolences, like contribution to the cause and supporting the movement with funds showing that they actually want to see a change.

The two were married for five years before he requested Samira to consent to a divorce due to the fact that he was in a relationship with her best friend at the time.

The rights of the women are extremely limited by the government and the men who control and oppress them. Everything from their appearance and the clothes they wear, to their ability to drive, to the jobs they are allowed to have, the women of that society are kept on a tight leash. This is very sad and disheartening to women all around the world especially being able to read about it the situation but not being able to do much about it. One female Iranian citizen state that the women are actually very free and only one in every thousand have a problem, but those women are fighting for a change. They are stating that there is more change that is capable to happen especially since the whole world is faced with a  pandemic, the change must happen cumulatively.

We as women must fight for the women all over the world, supporting each other with strong open hands, to the best of our abilities.


One thought on “Lets talk about marriage

  1. This is insane! This is a true testament to how structure oppresses women. For woman who is a head coach of a ski team, not only is she a role model for women around the world, but someone who is successful and making a difference in society. For her to legally be forbidden to leave the country to participate in such an event is astonishing. Its so important for people to hear stories like this- thanks for sharing!


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