April 24th

In the upcoming week of April 18-24, there was a lot of stir and discussion within the TikTok community within the United States. For the US, April is sexual assault awareness month, where there is a lot of discussion to aid those who have been impacted by any form of SA and bring awareness to […]

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Finding an ally: Dr. Matthew Ezzell

If you find yourself at James Madison University, and happen by some chance to come across the Sociology Department, you may have the chance to meet Professor Matthew Ezzell. The Professor started his education at UNC-Chapel Hill and acquired his BA in Women’s Studies, continued as UNC-Chapel Hill and attained his Master’s and PhD in […]

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Atlanta: Gunned down

Recently, in the United States, there have been many acts of violence, and especially violence against those in the Asian community. These actions and events are not new to those within the Asian community or those who are POC (people of color), but ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and the term “Asian […]

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News round-up

On February 28th of 2021, Dinwiddie County Board of Supervisors declared the honorees of the Hometown Heroes. The honorees of 2021 were Carolyn Smith and John Bonner. Smith and Bonner both lived in Dinwiddie County and they were applauded for their dedication to the community. The establishment of Hometown Heroes began in 2015 as a […]

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