Grrrl-power in the new Netflix film: ‘Moxie’

Are you currently searching for a new film to watch on your spare time? Well, look no further, the new Netflix film, ‘Moxie’ will be coming to Netflix as of March 3, 2021. ‘Moxie’ is an enlightening, patriarchy smashing film encompassing the feminist underground movement, known as the riot grrrls, which occurred in the early 1990’s. Directed by Amy Poehler, ‘Moxie’ intertwines the feminist movement of the 1900’s, as well as challenging sexist beliefs and the status quo of the twentieth first century. The protagonist of the film, Vivian ( Hadley Robinson) is a sixteen year old girl who lives in a small town in Texas with her mother, Lisa (Amy Poehler). Directed by Amy Poehler, the cast of Moxie includes Amy Poehler playing the role of Vivian’s mom in the film.

The theme of the movie is on the topic of feminism and women empowerment! The beginning of ‘Moxies’ plot begins when classmates at Vivian’s school start to spread sexist claims about her and other girls. Vivian, herself has been affected by these sexist claims and is fed up with it. Vivian is complexed with how to deal with the situation. One day, Vivian discovers her mother was a so called ‘riot grrrl’ who belonged to the feminist movement ‘riot grrrls’ which began in the early 1900’s. Shocked by the latest news of her mother, Vivian is inspired to make a change in her school. Thus, she assembles a movement among her friends at school and publishes zines to expose the sexist claims and the status quo occurring at her school.

To elaborate further on the ‘riot grrrl’ movement, it was an underground feminist movement organized to advocate women whose voice were being suppressed in the punk music scene. Such women were also objectified by men and women’s actions were not taken seriously in society. ‘Riot grrrls’ integrated into third-wave feminism; emphasized issues regarding racism, sexism and classicism during the early 1900’s. More specifically, it encouraged women to create Do it Yourself (DIY) fanzines, also known as zines which were self-published works of original texts and images. Certain zines were produced by ‘riot grrrls’ to spread awareness of sexism and classicism. A popular pop group who also stood beside the movement were the Spice Girls. The ‘riot grrrl’ movement is still relevant today. Unfortunately, sexism, racism is still an ongoing prevalent issue in today’s society. Therefore, awareness of these matters is signficant. The film, ‘Moxie’ is able to incorporate existing societal and patriarchal issues into a modern society.

After watching the trailer of the film, I am thrilled to watch the film, ‘Moxie.’ As a fan of punk music of the early 1990’s, I have always been inspired by the feminist movement of the ‘riot grrrls’ and I am so delighted to hear that there is finally a movie detailing the movement. I also look forward to watching the movie especially since it is directed by Amy Poehler, a legendary comedian of our time. Along with myself, I highly encourage you to take a new look at the film ‘Moxie’ and give it a watch on Netflix!

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