Why It’s Okay To Be Rude

If you’re into true crime, you have probably heard of the podcast crime junkie. One thing that these two women have ingrained in my brain is “Be Weird, Be Rude, Stay Alive”. As women we have been so programmed into being polite, likeable, meek, and demure out of fear of being seen as rude, or bitchy. But the truth is, who cares! Being rude can help keep us alive.

Growing up, I was a huge people pleaser and had a hard time saying no because I had this irrational fear of not being liked, and it wasn’t until I got older that I realized that men are able to walk around and be as rude or as assertive as they want because no one seems to do a double take and question it. It is time to break that pattern and move into a world where women can be assertive without being deemed as mean or “having a bad day”. We have gone our whole lives being taught to just put up with this kind of behavior just so other people see us as kind.

If you’re ever in a store and someone will not leave you alone, be rude! Walk away, call them out, or go get someone who works there. Make sure that the person knows that you show absolutely no interest and would like to be left alone. Project your voice, and speak loudly when a man is making you uncomfortable. Make them feel just as uncomfortable as they have made you feel.

The sad truth of living as a women is often times, we place a strangers comfort over our own and it is time for that to end. Never silence yourself because you feel that is the easiest thing to do because the cycle will only continue. So, do whatever it is you need to do in order to feel safe and comfortable. Be loud, rude, take up space and be assertive to let them know that you are not one to be messed with.

And always remember, your safety is more important than other people’s comfort.

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