Finding Myself Spiritually

Let’s talk about Witchcraft! This topic may be iffy for many people, but I think there needs to be more conversations about it. I think it is such an exciting concept. Unfortunately, I feel like different faiths and practices were never brought up in school. Therefore, many people like me are only exposed to the religion and beliefs they were raised with.

Let me start with my perspective on spirituality and religion. My father was the son of a Christian priest, and my mother grew up practicing Catholicism. My father disowned religion when his parents got a divorce and now identifies as an atheist, and my mother still identifies as a Catholic. My mom has tried her hardest to instill Christianity and Catholicism in me and my sister. For a while, I didn’t mind practicing either. I used to go to a Christian church by myself for a while when I was in middle school. However, I soon realized that this might not be the religion for me. I decided to follow in my father’s footsteps of being an atheist, but that wasn’t my beliefs either.

I have always been in love with nature. My parents used to call me a tree hugger, which felt like a backhanded compliment. I have also always been intrigued by the idea of spirit guides, gods and goddesses, divination, astrology, and energies. However, I felt like there was a stigma around liking those types of things. I was also afraid of leaving the Christian religion to go to another because it was the only thing I knew. However, after struggling with mental illness and going through lows, I felt I had nothing else to lose.

I started to look at different beliefs under the Pagan umbrella. It was super overwhelming at first, but it was also impressive. While learning these different beliefs, it felt like there was a secret mythical world hidden within our world. I bought so many different books and took multiple pages of notes. The one thing that caught my eye the most was the word Witchcraft. Every since I was a kid, I wanted to feel powerful and do magical things. It sounded too good to be true at first, like I can cast spells to get more money???? Obviously, it takes a lot of practice to do spells or manifest things in your life but still, how cool is that?

I have never felt so excited to be learning all different types of religions and beliefs. It started to make me look at life differently, as well. I didn’t feel as alone because I felt like energies and guides are helping me. It also helped with my confidence, like I AM A BAD BITCH! However, I did not want to tell anyone about my spiritual journey. I was afraid of my catholic mom’s backlash, who would think I am worshiping the devil. I remember my sister’s boyfriend calling me a weirdo for setting out my crystals to cleanse and charge on a full moon. It sucks going on a spiritual journey and finding something you think is cool, but everyone else thinks it is weird.

I guess my reasoning behind this blog is that I want to urge people to educate themselves on different beliefs before passing judgment. I think in order to understand a person’s beliefs on religion and spirituality truly, you need to ask to learn more and keep an open mind! Life can be difficult. I hope a person’s belief in religion or spirituality helps them through the most challenging situations and brings them joy.

4 thoughts on “Finding Myself Spiritually

  1. I loved this! I’ve come to learn/believe that whatever seems to make you full, and allows you to pour into others, while being a great person on this earth, is your religion. Your alignment with being a GOOD person. Whatever that may be! So happy to hear that you found yours!

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    1. hey girl hey!! you knew I would stumble upon this post and have to leave a comment šŸ˜‰ But yes, crystals are so cool and a really fun way to get in touch with your inner being! Both Olivia and I have been getting into tarot cards which is another insightful outlet

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