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Many of you may or may not have heard of a newer club here at JMU called CHAARG, which stands for “Changing Health, Attitudes, + Actions To Recreate Girls”. The club’s goal is to get girls motivated to workout and live a positive and healthy lifestyle. The club teaches new forms of exercise almost every week by providing different fitness classes. They also divide everyone into small groups so that they can bond, empower and support each other . With Covid around, they have moved their classes and small groups to being virtual so that you can still workout with friends and try new exercises. Their overall mission statement is “liberate girls from the elliptical + show them that fitness can [+ should!] be fun… + that working out is so much better with friends!”. I found that on their website at: . I encourage you to check it out and read more about all that it does for women in college.

I myself am a new member of the club because my suitemate from freshman year encouraged me to join. Sadly, due to covid I have not been able to do much with them but plan on jumping back into it next semester. I am someone who is big into working out. My freshman year I would take my suitemate to the gym with me and teach her new exercises. She was fit then, but now that she has been in CHAARG and has an executive role in it, I have noticed a difference in her body and overall happiness. I also have a best friend from highschool who is involved in CHAARG at UVA and it has also changed her life. She was struggling with making some friends her freshman year and was constantly stressed about school. However, once she joined CHAARG she got really close with the girls and was able to learn to use exercise as a stress reliever, not a stress giver.

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The club also encourages girls to make instagram pages of their journeys. It is not required though, so do not worry if you do not want to!  I was hesitant to make one at first, but I am so happy I chose to create an account. My CHAARG instagram has allowed me to push myself to do better and to get over my fear of what I post. This is because I often show my workouts and see other peoples which encourages me to put all the effort I can on good days, and just do something nice and easy on the bad ones. Everyone stresses listening to your body and adjusting your workout to how you feel so its difficult to the point that it becomes dreadful. When it comes to the pictures I post, I do not edit them even if most of the time I am sweaty and gross. Seeing everyone else post confidently on their CHARRG account, has helped me realize, WE ARE HUMAN, we sweat, our hair gets messy, we have rolls, and we are still strong and beautiful women.

I think this club brings about great opportunities for healthier and happier lifestyles for women. I encourage all women in college to check it out. I have seen it change so many people’s lives, and can not wait for it to make a positive change in mine too.

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    1. Awww that is sad you had to miss it, but there are other programs much like this that exist out of college! Highly suggest looking for them once you graduate:) I hope Covid did not ruin your senior year and congrats!!

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