We’re Back, Baby!

Hello all and welcome back to another semester of ShoutOut! 

You didn’t think we were going to let a global pandemic stop us from bringing you the highest quality feminist discourse, did you? Sure, our collective may not be meeting face to face, but that won’t stop us from taking down the patriarchy one blog at a time. This semester will be a little different, with our feminist collective meeting entirely online. However, we must persist in our consciousness raising and intersectional dialogue so that we can continue to educate those on our campus and in our community.  So, without further ado, let’s give a warm welcome to the Fall 2020 ShoutOut! Bloggers…

@thefemmefemin1st: I am a Sophomore Creative Advertising major and you can usually find me posting for Coven Mag with a bunch of other boss witches. I can never protest too much, so hit me up if you know any rallies we can shout at the top of our lungs at. #PuntThePatriarchy

@Naturegorl311: Just a camp counselor who enjoys long walks on the beach as well as long hikes up mountains. I am a Communication Studies major focusing on Organizational Communication and also minoring in Human Resources Development. I’m just a gal who loves Stevie Nicks and Pain Killas…not the pills… the drink. Catch me trying to convince everyone I know to properly recycle and watch Broad City. Sending anyone who’s reading this good vibes and don’t forget to drink your water today!

@thekillerqueen: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I would like to formally introduce myself to you all as thekillerqueen! Throughout my time at Shoutout! I will be writing about a variety of topics, ranging from race inequalities and gender expression, to sexuality, feminist ideals and even mental health! I full-heartedly believe that these topics deserve more love, more time, more criticism, just MORE! Without people like me and my fellow Shoutout! writers, growth within our society would cease to exist. Questions would have no answers, life would have no meaning, comedy would have no laugh track, and the revolution would have no voice. So let me ask you, my curious reader, what is it you are searching for? Whatever it is, I hope that I may help you find it through the wonderful world of blogging.

@noturmanicpixiedreamgirl: JMU senior savoring the good times hidden amongst the Corona madness. Black Lives Matter and wear your damn masks! 🙂

@Italianprincess: Hi everyone, I grew up in an Italian family where the sauce is made every Sunday and wine revolves around our life. My family even makes our own homemade wine! My favorite Italian dish is shrimp luciano. I am the only girl in the family so I am treated like a princess!

@pussygrabsback: Hello! Step into my office! I’m a woman with a lot to say and even more to learn.
Things I love: ALL women, singing, tattoos, driving an unnecessary amount of times around roundabouts, traveling, black coffee, How to Train Your Dragon 2 (it’s the best one I swear), and my cat.
Things I hate: being called baby/sweetie/honey, ignorance, men in fedoras, all things math, Trump, tapioca balls, the patriarchy.

@HappyHippieGirlBoss: HappyHippieGirlBoss is a junior at JMU. She loves Manifestation, eating a mostly plant based diet (okay she’s vegetarian but sometimes eats fish), and loves a yoga or meditation practice. She is also a girl boss who loves being productive. You could say she’s half boho half workaholic.

@SmokedGoudaEnthusiast: a ‘ 5’2” with some attitude ‘ feminist looking to shed some light on important issues today. I love a good charcuterie board, especially if it has smoked gouda.

@QuarantinedFeminist: I like kombucha, RBG, and long walks on the beach.

@feelthewindz: I’m a senior computer science major with a sociology minor. My goal as a blogger is to empower others by sharing ideas using a critical feminist lens, while continuously challenging my current beliefs and why I have them.

@willyoumaryqt: Growing-up I was raised by a powerful mother and a father who encouraged us to speak out against disparities. As I got older, I witnessed the harsh reality of woman being objectified and shamed. My hope for the future is that powerful women will become as common as the present day leading men. With this blog, I hope to be a part of someone’s journey to becoming an authentic, strong woman that each person already holds within themselves.

@JayKream: My experiences are unique as are yours and everyone else’s. After thinking for 21 years the world can finally see those thoughts. I am a reflection of myself, my black mother, my black grandmother, and her black mother, whose dreams I am living in my own way and on my own path. Follow the yellow brick road.

@HaileysLament: I am an individual who’s still trying to figure out myself, let alone – life. I am a person who is composed of 21 years of eccentric thoughts and experiences, anticipating more to come. Furthermore, what matters most to me is family – not necessarily the one whom you share DNA with but the one that you create. The kind of person I am, always allows all sides to be heard. I see things from multiple perspectives – or at least try to.

@RicoxStallion: Absolute music nerd. Anything about music production, live shows, theory, or even the hottest tea from my favorite artists is what I’ll probably try and talk to you about. Females are running the rap game right now, change my mind.

@thequeertexan: A very liberal, very bisexual, very androgynous, and very southern hippie just living paycheck to paycheck and trying her best to be a good intersectional feminist, and regularly failing. My biggest character flaw is still being attracted to men, but hopefully that’s just a phase… You can regularly find me complaining about the hardships of being a woman, and moments later writing poetry about my armpit hair and how much I love my strong, feminine energy. I walk that fine line, and I walk it barefoot.

@lavenderlattee: A longtime writer with a passionate voice. I am creative and positive. Mountains and beaches are my favorite locations, rain or shine. I think of myself as an advocate and a teacher.

@moonenthusiast983: I’m a junior in college who is unable to go to bed before 1 in the morning and is more likely to still be awake for the sunrise than wake up for one.  Favorite pastimes include baking, trying to do art and growing my plant collection.  There are too many flavors of ice-cream for me to recommend only one, but if it has at least three types of chocolate ingredients included it is probably on my list.  I am an animal lover and I will disappear when taking a walk with someone if I see a dog or a duck.

@unexpectedwhat: I like to cook and complain.

@notsoperfectme: I am a 21-year-old junior who will eat an entire bag of grapes after a quick morning run. I will never cancel plans and I love scheduling out my entire day, usually involving being around someone doing homework, working out, eating or shopping. Even though I like routine I am always down for spontaneous adventures and trying something new. I like to think I am a friendly person but once 10:30 pm comes along, I need to go to bed or I’ll get grumpy really quick.

@pastaeatingprincess: I am a pasta eating princess. I grew up in the south, being raised by a strict, conservative family. After moving to college and becoming independent, making my own decisions, I turned bat shit crazy. My family looks at me sideways now. Anyways, my fav pasta is chicken alfredo, wbu?

@MetaphysicalMewtwo: Hello reader!  Welcome to the blog! Open your mind, third eye, and purse (not really lol) because this blog will be getting into the parts of ourselves that we have forgotten to show love and compassion towards (self-love is the best love). I state that because if we cannot love the most unlovable parts of ourselves, then how can we show unconditional love to others. I am going to attempt to lead every one of my post with consideration followed by criticalness if necessary. Hopefully, you enjoy what I have to offer! Peace and blessings friends!

@Asaprock22: Welcome to the girls room….gen z edition





















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  1. Yasssssss! No wind no rain no flood no fire no pandemic can stop the collective power of ShoutOut! JMU!


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