To a Semester Like No Other…Cheers?

As social media manager, I knew I would have to make a “farewell” post, but if you would have told me that I would be making this post from Richmond (home) because JMU closed for the semester (the school that literally never shuts down because you know…money), I would’ve CACKLED out loud. This is really unbelievable, but this is our new reality. So, without further ado, hereeeee we go!

Together this semester, we ranted, shared our experiences, educated, expressed ourselves, brought awareness to so many issues affecting so many underprivileged groups (pre- and mid- quarantine), had a ROCKING V-Day event, and celebrated TEN YEARS of being on campus. Most of all, we created a semester that will go down in the ShoutOut! history books (but really just archives).

We hope that you got a good chance to get to know all of our bloggers, learn something from them, find a blog post to share, or even a blog post that resonated with you. Even throughout all of our given circumstances, we still wanted to give you a great semester with great quality.

There’s no way the success and perseverance of this blog could be done alone, so make sure you give a HUGE shoutout to our Spring 2020 bloggers. Additionally, with all the circumstances given, this has been a unique experience for each blogger respectively. So, instead of putting what the bloggers might be thinking/saying, why not hear from some of them yourselves!


@sarahjeanmay: I have been continually humbled by the quality and character of the blog this semester. When confronted with a global pandemic, each blogger kept writing, kept speaking truth to power, and more than anything, kept building our readership + our community up with encouragement and creativity. Thank you for persisting this semester, bloggers!

@missworldwidexoxo: This class has helped me realize the power of my own voice, the things that I can say. I’m so grateful to have been given the chance to speak from ME, away from the scholarly voice. Thankful for the works we’ve read, the perspectives we’ve shared with one another, and for our brilliant, kind guide through it all. Stay kind, stay informed, stay safe. 

@thetravelinggfeminist: This semester writing for Shoutout has allowed me to express myself through my writing, something I have always hoped of doing but never felt empowered enough to do. This class as a whole has allowed me to grow as an individual and a feminist. One of the most important things I have learned is that it is OKAY to be a bad feminist! I’ll always remember this class and the impact it had on me!

@silentstormmmm: ShoutOut! has captured my heart. It has challenged me in ways I never thought a blog could. I learned about the lived experiences and perspectives that others face. I was able to see feminism in an intersectional way. I explored my own experiences and how feminism plays a key role in my life.  All of this in one blog. It is pretty spectacular.

@onemelaninmind: Being in ShoutOut brought me into another world of new experiences and being educated on new things. I am forever grateful to have grown throughout this class and being able to use all that I’ve learned in all my other areas of involvement in campus and beyond. I’ve shared and I’ve watched all these bloggers share as well. I commend them for that because it is never easy. It is only up from here!

@nastywoman21: My beloved ShoutOut. In the wise words of Janet Jackson, “Funny how time flies when you’re having fun.” I want to sincerely thank everyone from this semester’s ShoutOut team because I have never felt so invested in a group of people like I have with this one. Everyone’s posts added a unique color to this blog, and their voices and perspectives mattered. To the readers, your voice matters too– as a feminist and as a person– don’t forget that. 

@afemmestheatrics: To my love, ShoutOut, thank you for giving my feminist heart a voice and a place for expression. Writing for this blog has expanded my mind with the various perspectives coming from these amazing bloggers. I owe my creative streak of feminist inspired art to this blog and I cannot be more thankful. Love all these ladies! 

So on behalf of our ShoutOut! class, thank you for a great semester! A special congratulations to our seniors *woot woot.* Lastly, we’ll see you in the fall!

P.S. shameless plug, BUT make sure you’re following us on all socials!




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