The Champs are (HER)e

In March 2019 the United States Women’s National Team (USWNT) filed a Gender Discrimination lawsuit against the United States Soccer Federation. This was just three months prior to the team taking on the rest of the world and win their fourth World Cup title. U.S. Soccer Federation is the governing body of U.S. Soccer and the employers of both the Men’s and Women’s teams. Twenty-Eight players filed the lawsuit, and those players included Carli Lloyd, Alex Morgan, and the Queen herself Megan Rapinoe.

Now, The team is seeking around $67 million in damages in the lawsuit. A trial date is set for May 5th, but both the Federation and the USWNT filed motions to dismiss the case. However, the USWNT will forgo the trial as long as the judge rules in their favor, while the Federation wants the entire case to be dismissed. With in the motion for dismissal the Federation released the Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA) for both the Women’s and Men’s team which shows the pay structure for the both teams.

From my interpretation, I noticed that a Men’s national team player received around $180,000 in the World Cup QUALIFYING tournament…which they didn’t even qualify for… While a players from the USWNT received $200,000 after taking on the world and winning their fourth World Cup Title and second consecutive title. Oh, and they also made their 3rd consecutive appearance in the World Cup Final. Might I also add, the USWNT is making their 7th consecutive appearance in the olympics where they have already won gold four times.

Photo by Chris Leipelt on Unsplash

Needless to say, these women know how to win, they have been doing it since the passing of Title IX in 1976. But, its time we do more as a society, I mean come on its 2020, these women continue to out perform their competitors day in and day out. They have shed such a postive light on the women’s game, and bring our country together on the world stage all the time. Just as they represent our country on the soccer field, and fight to put us at the top, we should be fighting for them.

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