The Big O

Hello, darlings,

Future gyno here to talk about the mysterious female orgasm. Studies show that about 25 percent of women actually orgasm during intercourse. Now, imagine, what if the only way for women to conceive is to have an orgasm? Either we wouldn’t be here, or a lot more men were willing to listen to what their partners actually want. Going of that, some men are willing to listen. However, we ladies are afraid to vocalize what we actually want, and that ladies is why I am writing this.

Ladies, it’s time we start speaking our minds. Your partner isn’t satisfying you? Don’t fake moan for them, tell them what you want. Your pleasure is just as important as theirs . The problem that a lot of women face when it comes to telling their partner they are not “feeling it”, per se, is that they’re scared it will upset them. My response to that? Baby, if they are not grown enough to accept that they don’t what they’re doing with your body specifically, then they are not grown enough to be laying with you in the biblical sense.

With all of this being said, it’s also good to realize that not all women climax the same. A lot of women expect it to look like it does in poorly made, male pleasure-oriented pornos, but for many women, it is quite different. Not all women experience one HUGE, toe-curling, hair-splitting orgasm. Some women experience several little ones which makes them think something is wrong with them, but there is no “normal” way to orgasm. Everyone’s lady bits work a little differently.

This is another reason why it’s good to explore your body. What I am saying here is, masturbation can work wonders if you allow yourself to be completely open and comfortable with yourself. The female anatomy is absolutely beautiful, and you deserve to know how your body works.

SO, with all of that being said, baby please tell the person venturing into your lady bits what does and doesn’t feel good. If you aren’t feeling it let them know, and if they’re not willing to listen and try to adjust, look that busta in the eye and tell them to get the f**k out, and block their number because they are not worth your time and energy sis.

Love yourself, respect yourself, and be yourself.



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