What is Going on in The World?

VA House 6 Bill is Here!

This past week Virginia legislators aproved the VA house 6 bill. This bill prevents people who rent out properties from denying people who use housing vouchers as a form of payment. These vouchers are given by the government and cover a percentage of the rent while the rest in covered by the person renting. Fourteen other states have very similar laws to this one and it passed in the house 61 to 37.

House For Rent Sign Shows Housing Rental Storyblocks

Read more about the House Bill 6 and how it is impacting Harrisonburg residents here.

Story via: @justasubparfeminist

Coronavirus Update!

A new outbreak has been found on a cruise ship called the princess diamond and has caused quite a stir. The disease transferred onto the ship when a passenger disembarked in Hong Kong and carried the virus back. The Princess diamond holds 3,700 passengers and crew on board and 99 were infected while on the ship. All passengers were required to stay in quarantine on the ship for 14 day. Just this past Sunday America recommended that 400 US citizens be evacuated from the ship. Though some stayed behind, the majority took the provided flights back to the US and will be held in holding for another 14 days. Those that choose to stay behind under Japanese mandates won’t be allowed to get a commercial flight back to the US until March 4th. At this time the coronavirus has claimed 1,665 lives and infected 68,500. On the bright side, it has been reported that 9,400 have been cured and discharged from different hospitals that are helping with the outbreak.

Virus Storyblocks

Learn more about the quarenteen here

Story via: @justasubparfeminist

Love Island Host Caroline Flack Commits Suicide

Former UK love island host Caroline flack was found dead on February 15th at the age of 40 by suicide. She was currently having a hard time getting through being charged of assaulting her boyfriend, tennis star Lewis Burton, who had stated that he didn’t support the “show trial”. The assault involved Burton cheating on her and when Flack found out she broke a lamb on his head. On the day of her suicide Criminal Prosecution Service had supposedly sent a letter to Flack reminding her of her trial in early March. She was currently being banned from talking to Burton even though he had dropped charges. Many people who have worked with Flack have posted about their condolences and her family has asked the public to stay out of the situation while they grieve. On Sunday night, the love island episode scheduled was cancelled and will instead be shown on Monday and will include a tribute.

Paradise tropical island in the form of heart Storyblocks

Learn more about the suicide here

Story via: @justasubparfeminist

Wendy Williams Anti-gay Comments

On February 13th, Talk show host Wendy Williams went on a controversial rant about gay men celebrating “Galentines Day.”Williams says she feels offended that men don’t get a menstration so theyll never experience what women go through. She went on to rant about how gay men should not wear womens clothes and how gay men will never be a women. “And stop wearing our skirts and our heels…You’ll never be the woman that we are. No matter how gay.” She immediately receives backlash from many people on twitter. Individuals outraged and wondering how she still has a show considering these are not the first offensive comments she has made. One individual wrote, “Sorry, Wendy. You’re not the decider of who can be a woman. Every person gets to decide who they are.” The next day after the show, Williams posted an apology video on twitter admitting her comments were “out of touch” and she “promises to do better.”

via LA Times

Read more about it in an article by the LA Times and one by Washingtonblade

Story via @thebadfeministtt

Alabama Lawmaker Requiring Men to Have Vasectomies

Alabama Democratic state representative Rolanda Hill proposed a law that would require all men to get a vasectomy. The law states that men would be mandated to have a vasectomy after their 50th birthday or after their third biological child. Hill proposed this law in response to Alabamas new abortion ban, The Human Life Protection Act. This act made abortions a felony in the state of Alabama. She tweeted, “The Vasectomy bill is to help with the reproductive system. This is to neutralize the abortion ban bill.” In response, male lawmakers have called this proposed law an “outrageous overstep.” Democratic Texas Senator Ted Cruz, tweeted, “”Yikes. A government big enough to give you everything is big enough to take everything…literally!” On the other hand, individuals online have applauded Hill for proposing a law that gives men “a taste of their own medicine.” Although Hill knows that the ;aw will most likely not pass, for her it was about a message being sent.

Image via USAToday

Read more about it in these articles by USAToday and Newsweek

Story via @thebadfeministtt

JMU Women’s Basketball Annual Pink Game

On Sunday, February 16th JMU Women’s basketball held their annual Play4Kay Pink game. The game was a cancer fundraiser that is done by college basketball teams around the country. Before the game, the team presented survivors and family of individuals who lost their battle to cancer as honorary starters. Kiki Jerffersons mother was one of the honorary starters due to her recently defeated battle with cancer. The team raised more than a thousand dollars for the PLay4Kay foundation and defeated UNCW.

Pink ribbon. Breast cancer on white via Storyblocks

Story via @thebadfeministtt

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