Mid-Semester Blues: Another Day, Another Newsroom

JMU/Local news

In Honor of Eating Disorder Awareness Month, Tri Sigma Presents: The Leslie George Speak out.

To kick off my first news room post, I thought I would share a little, harmless self-promo. The on-campus organization I am apart of, Sigma Sigma Sigma, is filled with the most supportive and beautiful women, inside and out. Every February, Eating Disorder Awareness Month, Tri Sigma hosts a speak out to promote body positivity and to honor one of our former sisters, Leslie George. In September of 2000, Leslie George unfortunately lost her life due to her battle with an eating disorder. Ever since then, it has been her family’s goal to spread awareness and help out other parents/loved ones whom are also grieving.

This event is not geared towards raising money, but more towards raising conversation. Eating disorders can be very difficult to talk about or explain, but having someone who is there for you and understands can make a huge impact on ones life. Within this speak out, one can come and share their own battles and stories in a safe, comfortable atmosphere or they can just come sit in the rows and listen. Every year, Kathleen MacDonald, from the For Recovery & Elimination of Eating Disorders Foundation, comes and shares her personal story and how it made her into the strong woman she is today. I also got the chance to talk to Tri Sigma’s Philanthropy Chair Head, Erin McGrath, and was able to ask her what the Leslie George event meant to her. “LG means so much more than just spreading eating disorder awareness. This philanthropy has the power to unite so many different people and allow people to be vulnerable with strangers. This event lets people know that they are not alone in their struggles and even the smallest bit of kindness has a rippling effect!“, states McGrath. This event is welcoming to everyone and anyone! The speak out will be held on February 19th, 7:00pm-9:30pm, in Wilson Auditorium. Hope to see all of ya’ll there!

xoxo, @bitchinbutterfly

Virginia news

Period? More like explanation point!:

On Monday, February 3rd the Virginia Senate unanimously passed a bill lifting the tax on menstrual products. This bill took the bill passed last year, cutting the tax almost in half, up a step. This to me is a phenomenal step in the right direction. Virginia keep it up sista I’m proud of ya!

Read more here

story via @fancyf3m

Anicira’s Costly “Miscommunication”

Anicira, a local dog rescue, has been facing quite a bit of backlash this week after their decision to euthanize one of their foster dogs. Olivia Heatherly had been fostering a 1-year old border collie named Tilly for 3 weeks, when she received a call to take him to the vet. Knowing that Tilly had a history of heartworms, she assumed this was the reason she was called. Upon her arrival to the vet, Heatherly was told that Tilly was getting put down because he showed “aggressive behavior” toward his previous foster. Tilly had shown no signs of aggression to Heatherly during his 3 weeks with her, so Anicira’s decision to euthanize came as a shock. Anicira later released this statement stating how the euthanization of Tilly came as a result of a “miscommunication” involving their foster protocols:

“On February 4, Anicira had to make the heartbreaking decision to euthanize an animal in its care. Sadly, Anicira neglected to follow our foster protocols which was a mistake and one we deeply regret. We have since been in touch with the animal’s foster caregiver to express our condolences and apologize.”


This story has not sit right with many Harrisonburg residents and JMU students. So much so, that many have vowed to boycott Anicira and the services provided by the organization. Do you believe it’s right to do so? Or do you think this boycott is just doing more harm to the animals that need our community’s help?

story via the lovely @crazycatl4dy

Politics…The American Way/ State of the Union Address

Not once, not twice, but FOUR times. As many stood up and applauded Trump, Speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi tore up Trump’s State of the Union speech four times. Why? Was it a moment of anger or a powerful moment of protest? Pelosi said his speech was a “manifesto of mistruth.” The night began with President Trump refusing to shake Speaker Pelosi’s hand, which could have given the Speaker even more reason to rip the speech. Many on social media created memes of Pelosi practicing her tearing skills to ensure that her statement was made loud and clear. Our very own President tweeted an edited video… (pretends to be shocked) mocking Pelosi. Well I can’t wait to see what the rest of 2020 holds for us, especially in November 3rd. 

Signing off @badfeminist21

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