Fruit Of The Vine

Fruit of the Vine

October 30th 9:00AM room 303 of the maternity ward

Awaiting the arrival of twins, daddy’s ready to cut the umbilical chords

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Brown, you have a beautiful baby girl

Mommy said, “Her soft cry is the sweetest sound in the world”

love sweet face portrait
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Eleven minutes pass and here comes the arrival of baby number two

It’s been a challenging birth but the ordeal is almost through

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Brown, you have a bouncing baby boy

“Listen to those strong lungs!”, daddy can’t contain his joy


Months and years pass quickly with influences from the world

“She’s so cute and pretty, I just love her freakin’ curls”

“Her dress is so adorable, … isn’t she just a princess!”

Every compliment is about her looks and attire – but I digress…

monochrome photo of woman leaning in front of vanity mirror
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“He built a fort, scored a touchdown, 2 wheels he learned to ride”

He’s the smartest, creative, funny, and the fastest, he’s daddy’s pride.

Every compliment is based on what he himself has achieved

His self-worth and abilities are only bound by what he believes

man young happy smiling
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Baby girl is fueled with images of Disney princesses in procession

Fashion magazines, love advice, and the weight loss obsession

She’s memorized every line of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty

Brother’s going to save the world, he’s playing Call of Duty


16 years have since passed and there’s a Brown’s family meeting

Baby girl is promiscuous, cuts herself, and under-eating

They question what’s wrong with her? Where is her self-esteem?

They remind her of her beauty, hoping this will help redeem

graycale photography of a woman s face

But their words fall short, social media statistics suggest otherwise

She gets no love, no likes, no attention from peers or the guys

The compliments, the adoration of her childhood have disappeared

Despite all her efforts, the fans left, and her reputation smeared

adult black and white darkness face
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Her sense of worth has always been rooted in people’s opinions

Self-criticism, self-loathing, and hate now take dominion

grayscale photography of man reading newspaper

Daddy’s son is thriving his accomplishments have made the news

His peers and teachers rave as much as the sports page reviews

He has tried to help his sister but his frustrations turned to anger

Now he avoids her… she is ruining him, she’s like an anchor

light hands woman books
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This is a precautionary tale to the parents of the future
There’s a better way that our daughters should be nurtured
Emphasize her achievements and remind her of them daily
Reward her for every challenge she overcomes bravely
Decorate your halls and walls with everything she has accomplished
Rave the verbs, ignore the adjectives, and she will never be demolished
From the first acoustic sounds you have the responsibility
To challenge, strengthen, and maximize her every ability


Forego the Disney movies and support her boundless ambition

And her path will be guided and dictated by her own volition.


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