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Danica Roem at JMU:

This past week, the Madison Caucus for Gender Equality hosted an event with guest speaker Danica Roem. Roem is the first transgender delegate in Virginia and she spoke about some of her experiences and how having a positive attitude is beneficial. She also discussed overcoming obstacles to strengthen her role in political office. Thanks to Delegate Roem for coming to speak to some Dukes about inclusivity!

Discussing Racial Terror in Harrisonburg:

Senator Jennifer McClellan led a discussion, which launched the “History of Lynching in Virginia” Project. This project seeks to uncover the long and painful history of lynching in the state. A JMU digital archive has been created to provide information and list the victims of these horrific lynchings. One female victim, Charlotte Harris, who was lynched near Harrisonburg, will be honored through a Community Remembrance Project and a memorial.

Kevin Hart Lawsuit:

Following a 2017 incident in which comedian Kevin Hart cheated on his wife with model and actress Montia Sabbag, he is now being sued by Sabbag for $60 million. After the incident, a video was leaked of the two having sex and now Sabbag wants to sue for infliction of emotional distress and invasion of privacy.

Glitter Revolution:

The alleged rape of a 17 year old girl by four police officers in Mexico City has sparked a so-called “Glitter Revolution.” Thousands of women took to the streets to protest sexual assault and violence of all kinds against women. The demonstrators marched under placards reading: “All Women Against All Violence” and “If you violate women we will violate your laws.” It’s great to see strong women around the world fighting for equality.

The Imprisonment of Hajar Raissouni:

In other International news, Moroccan authorities have arrested journalist Hajar Raissouni over an alleged abortion and sex outside of marriage. She faces up to two years in prison and the doctor who allegedly performed the procedure faces up to a decade. Raissouni says that these charges are fabricated and motivated by her work, which is critical of the Moroccan government. Hopefully the journalist will be able to win her trial and get back to doing her work as a journalist.


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